Yay for Friday! After a rainy week, I am ready for a sunny weekend!  It is time to share with you all some Friday favorites. Today I have a mixture of all things related to laundry, letter of the week, plus some favorites from other bloggers.

Whether it is a favorite product, blog post, or moment, I love to share the joy with you. Hit pause today and look back on your own week and reflect on the good that has happened!

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Little Bible
In May, my daughter moved up to the three year old class at church. She was so excited about this new class! It is so precious seeing her sitting at a little table and being in a more structured class. Lately, she has been wanting to bring her little Bible, just like her brothers.  She adores her Jesus Bible and it is perfect for her as it has a little handle to carry it with! Hop over to Instagram today to enter to win a Jesus Bible for your little one! Giveaway ends Monday, June 19th at 8pm EST. 


Thankful Moments
We had a little bit of a scare earlier this week as our pediatrician was concerned about some lumps on my daughter. It was a scary start to our week and everything seemed to stand still as I listened to him talk. After a lot of bloodwork, and x-ray, and many prayers, everything seems to be okay. We are beyond thankful for this. It was the longest 48 hours of my life as we prayed for God’s peace to surround us. I definitely have spent more time snuggling her and saying yes to playing Barbies and babies.


I was filled with excitement when I saw that Grove Collaborative is now carrying Babyganics products! We adore these products! It is pretty funny how excited I get when I see the package from Grove waiting for me. Have you tried Grove Collaborative yet? If not, check them out and get $10 to use on your first order!


Cold brew Coffee
I love having an afternoon cup of coffee, but with the heat it is not always practical. Which brings me to cold brew coffee. I need a good recipe or method to make this! I am sure I am overthinking it, but if you have any tips please let me know!


Posts from the Week
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I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Share some of your favorites in the comments below! Remember, no matter how hard the week was, there is always something good- sometimes we just have to search for it!

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8 comments on “Friday Favorites: Little Bible and Thankful Moments”

  1. Oh my, so glad your little one is okay. That would be so scary! I’m sharing a Starbucks Cold Brew next week on the blog and you can pick it up up at Walmart!

  2. I am so glad your little girl is okay. How scary. I love picking up Cold Brew from the store, I get the Starbucks version or the Califa. Also, I have made the Pioneer Woman’s recipe which is pretty labor intensive and takes a while to make (like a day) but it is SO worth it and yummy!

  3. I have an almost 3 year old and he loves carrying his little Bible to church. Just to be like his bunny and his daddy. It’s the sweetest! So thankful for answered prayers and that everything seems to be okay! That’s so scary and we often take so much for granted. I know I do. Stopping by from Five on Friday. Happy Weekend!

    • Thanks Trista- I agree we really do take so much for granted. So cute about your little guy and his Bible! I bet makes for a precious picture. Hope you had a great weekend!

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