Hooray for Friday Favorites! Today, I am sharing a little bit of everything and a giveaway! Sometimes my favorites have a theme and sometimes they are just a sprinkling of every day life. Ready to hear some Friday Favorites?

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Risen Motherhood Resources
As usual, I have to slide a podcast into my favorites. However, this is a resource put out by the Risen Motherhood podcast. I am LOVING their equipping resources. There is a weekly prayer card that is amazing and perfect for moms. Head on over to check out all that they have for moms.


Artic Zero
We love, love, love ice cream. It is our family’s go to treat. Recently, we tried Artic Zero  as it is a gluten free, lactose free and just a healthier option. We tried a few different flavors. Peanut Butter Swirl was by far the family favorite. It was so fun to have different flavors to try out as a family. While I am a little partial to the ice cream from my hometown in Michigan, it was a nice treat and I love that it is healthier. 

Friday Favorites: Giveaway Icecream


Family Nights
Earlier this week I shared about the struggle of finding time for family nights. This past weekend we had such a good family night. We colored our verse sheets from the monthly guide and did the “I am” worksheets. It was so good and reminded me of why we set aside the time for family.

The new family connection guides will be emailed out Sunday morning! These guides contain monthly themes and inspiration to help your family connect. Our theme for October is SERVICE and we will focus on serving others in practical ways. Sign up here to gain access to the family guides!


Time Snap Board Giveaway
Remember when I shared about the amazing Time Snap Boards? I adore these boards and cannot wait to use them for my kids’ next birthdays. Today, I am partnering with Time Snap in giving away one of the boards over on Instagram! The giveaway will open at 8am EST. Head on over to enter! These boards can be used on birthdays and other occasions to help record the moment.


I started reading She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You this past month and am loving it. It will definitely be included in the reading link up next week. I am reading this book with some other ladies and meeting up a couple times a month to discuss it. The amazing thing is I did not realize how much I needed to read this book. If you are looking for a book to read, grab this one and gather some friends to dig into it with.


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I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Share some of your Friday favorites in the comments below! Let’s choose to find the good in every day moments! Don’t forget to head on over to enter the giveaway! 

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