Hooray for Friday Favorites hurricane edition.  What a whirlwind this week has been! From starting the week finishing up my brother’s wedding weekend in Michigan to returning home to hurricane frenzy, my mind is just a tad scattered.   Ready to hear some Friday Favorites?

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One of the down sides of living near the coast is hurricane season. While the majority of the time we have been here there has been no issue, it seems to be a different story lately. I hate hurricanes and all of the uncertainty but I am choosing to stay calm and relaxed. We have plans if we need to leave, plans if we decide to stay. Social media provides such an interesting look into the storm. There is so much panic and fear in some and none in others. Let’s keep praying for safety and the storm to leave! I always hold hope to miracles!


Bath Letters & Numbers
We received these foam bath letters and numbers from Nuby last week and they have been a hit for bath time. Although I do need to get something to hold them when they are not in use. The kids are loving spelling their names and other words. My daughter thinks they are so fun to line up on the wall. They definitely have helped add some fun to bath time!


Back to the Bible Challenge
A free challenge always sucks me in and I am pretty excited about this one! Sometimes we need to set everything aside and focus back on the Bible. We get so distracted by all the things, don’t we? Join this Back to the Bible 5 Day Challenge and get back on the right track.


Dance Stand Run
I am slowly going through this book with the launch team and loving it. Wild and Free was one of my favorite books from last year and this book has been just as good. Each chapter challenges me and causes me to really think about my life.  There are tons of pre-order goodies, so definitely check those out! I won a hat that is one of the goodies if you order a certain amount of books and studies!

Friday Favorites- Dance Stand Run


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I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Stay safe if you are in the path of Irma! Share some of your Friday favorites in the comments below! Let’s choose to find the good in every day moments! 

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This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

12 comments on “Friday Favorites: Hurricane Edition”

    • Misty, it definitely can! I think each time I learn more about how to handle it. Eventually I just have to remind myself to step away from the news and phone and focus on life and not the fear of what if.

  1. My daughter loves those bath letters too! My husbands thinks they might be one of our best toy purchases for her ever! I bought a Ubbi bath organizer that sits on the edge of the tub to hold them when not in use.

  2. Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up! Hope you guys stay safe – we’re in upstate SC and seem to be missing the brunt of it now, but still in for some rain and wind.

    Y’all be safe…Your blog post title caught my eye – I shared a couple of the funny memes that made me laugh in the midst of the chaos that was weather watch on this short but crazy week!

    Great post – i’ll have to go back and read some of your previous posts!

    • Stephanie, thanks it looks like we will be okay! So thankful!!! It is a beautiful day today! You all stay safe! Yes, haha the memes have cracked me up!! Such a crazy week!

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