Hooray for Friday! It is time to share with you all some Friday favorites. Whether it is a favorite product, blog post, or moment, I love to share the joy with you. Hit pause today and look back on your own week and reflect on the good that has happened!


After a couple weeks of extra busy days, travel, and family visits, I have soaked in getting back to regular life this week. I love all the fun things, but there is nothing like regular, every day life. Anyone else love their routines?


Did you see the books I shared for moms? I am loving The Magic of Motherhood. I cannot stop sharing about it, because it is that good. I loved hearing what you all are reading on Instagram. Don’t forget about the giveaway for The Magic of Motherhood– it ends tonight at 8pm EST! Also, Elizabeth is hosting a fun challenge, Books over Buttons, encouraging us to put down our phones and pick up a book.


I connected with Zurchers and ordered the paper products for Bloom from them. I know, how exciting is a paper plate? But combining the great price with great quliaty made me so happy. I cannot wait to see them at Bloom next Thursday, and can we all just pray the weather is good? In complete confidence of sunshine, or complete crazy thinking, I planned for part of the event to be outside. Follow along on with Bloom here.


Family Pictures
We finally were able to get some family pictures! The plan was to do these last fall, but it seemed to fall through every time. My daughter refused to smile, but that is just her. She is super serious and quiet, until you get to know her and then she’s a bundle of everything.


Favorite Posts from Blogs
1. Mom Style Challenge Kristy is sharing a fun and encouraging mom style challenge during the month of May. I love her reminder to moms about beauty and embracing yourself. Check out the challenge and join in on the fun.
2. Rug, Mud, Finding Beauty at Home– This post will make you smile, encourage you to have joy in the little things, and want to buy a washable rug. 
3. Let’s Taco About It Family Night
– I love a good idea for family night and cultivating a strong family, so this idea is brilliant! Head over to Ashley’s site to get your free printables for the family conversation cards.
4. Instagram Giveaway Jessica is hosting a giveaway for some of her printables. I love her work!

Share with me what your Friday Favorites are! Have a great Friday! 

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