Anyone else excited for some Friday favorites?  Since we are enjoying a road trip, I wanted to share all of our favorite road trip tips. As all parents know, road trips with kids can be a little crazy, but they can also be full of special memories.

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Positive Behavior
We are all about cheering on the positive behavior.   A couple years ago, we started doing little sticker charts in the car. This is so simple. I bring three cards (one for each child) and stickers. The cards go up on the visor. Every 30 minutes (or every hour) we give a sticker to their cards. We will cheer on the kids and remind them of how helpful it is when they are doing well in the car. If they struggled during the 30 minutes, we will remind them of the expectations and move forward. At the end of the road trip, we treat the kids to a little fun surprise or treat.

The best road trip tips for parents


Bowls  for Snacks & No-Spill Cups
We have these little round bowls that a friend gave us and they are perfect for bringing on road trips. Whenever the kids want a snack, I pour out some snacks into the bowls, and each kid gets one. When they are finished we just wipe out the bowls and attach them back together.  For the drinks, we always go with no-spill cups. It is not worth it to have a car full of water messes. Lately, our favorite cups are from Nuby. My daughter is loving her Thristy Kids Flip It cup. It is perfect for road trips because it does not spill and is a little taller to hold more drink.

The best road trip tips for parents


Scavenger Hunt
Every road trip needs a fun game or two! We love playing I Spy and other games and this time are adding in a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt game. It is so simple and perfect for all ages. If you want to download your own copy, go here to get a copy!

The best road trip tips for parents


License Plate Game
Do you remember writing down all the license plates as a kid? I saw this idea to color the map as you see them and we are going to try it out! My oldest has been more into looking at where cars are from, so I think this will be a great way to engage him the whole ride.


DVD Player
Yes, you read that right, a DVD player. I know some may disagree, but for us it is a must have for road trips. We have a simple portable one and it always helps during those chaotic moments. I like to grab some of our older DVDs that I know the kids have not watched recently to surprise them with.


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The best road trip tips for parents. Plus free printable!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Share some of your Friday favorites or road trip tips in the comments below! Let’s choose to search for the good in your week! 

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14 comments on “Friday Favorites: Road Trip Edition”

  1. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing! We’re leaving on a road trip tomorrow and it’s the first roadtrip we’ve taken since having kids in the family.

  2. Even as an adult I need almost all of these when I go on roadtrips!
    Snacks, water, an audiobook, and some sort of game. Great list 🙂

  3. These are such great ideas! Positive reinforcement is a whole new idea for me. We have been incorporating into parenting and it has been going very well. I have three under the age of three and I would love to go on road trips but now sure how they would go yet. :/ These ideas will be helpful.

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