Yay for Friday and a long weekend! It is time to share with you all some Friday favorites. Today I have a mixture of all things related to school ending, summer tips, plus some favorites from other bloggers.

Whether it is a favorite product, blog post, or moment, I love to share the joy with you. Hit pause today and look back on your own week and reflect on the good that has happened!

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My daughter is moving into a big girl bed in just a couple weeks. Stay tuned for all the details on that. As we are preparing, I have been working on her bedtime routine and reading more with her before bed. Currently, she is loving the God Loves Daddy & Me and God Loves Mommy & Me Books. They are beautiful board books and the perfect size for her. Head on over to Instagram to enter to win a copy of both books!


Summer Planning
I have been sharing a lot about my summer preparations. The past years have taught me the importance of having some kind of game plan. We have our summer activities list ready to go! We also have our summer guide printed out and ready. I am excited to savor the summer days together.

Prepare for Summer with these tips!


Current Favorite Blog Posts

  1. How to Set Up a Garden Shop Pretend Play Area Isn’t this adorable? This idea is perfect for my daughter, and I am excited to work on setting a similar play area up for her.
  2. I Want to Be a Yes Parent Whew this post hit home for me. I have realized lately that even though I am a positive person, I can quickly slide into the “no, no, no” mentality. Her encouragement and honesty will be a breath of fresh air for you!
  3. 31 Home, Parenting, and Blogging Resources I love having a main list to go from and Ruthie shares some incredible resources here.


School’s Ending
It has been such a great year of school for my boys. I think back to how nervous we were about this year with sending my middle child to the preschool at the school. He qualified because of his need for speech therapy but it took a big leap of faith going! Now I look at the school year overwhelmed with gratitude. We have always loved the school our boys attend, but each year I think I love it even more! Yesterday we had a ton of fun at the carnival they had for the 4 year olds since they don’t do field day until Kindergarten. It was precious.


Did you see my Instagram story of my need for some planning time?! Goodness, how quickly the notes pile up! I adore my Simplified Planner and cannot wait to order a new one! I always go with the academic year one and they just launched their new covers for these.

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley


Blog Posts from the Week
Summertime Tips
A Recap of Bloom

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Share some of your favorites in the comments below! Remember, no matter how hard the week was, there is always something good- sometimes we just have to search for it!

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