Every week I am learning new tips for bloggers as I read articles and listen to podcasts. I love hearing what tools and resources others are using. It is also so encouraging to hear about the different ways bloggers organize their work.

These tips for bloggers are what I have been learning lately and will help you focus in on who you are as a blogger.

Set limits and boundaries.

With the internet constantly at our fingertips, it can be easy to let it become all consuming. One of the parts of blogging that I love is that it is a way for me to help our family financially while doing something I love. However, I never want it to become all consuming. Just like with anything, it is important to set limits and boundaries.

This past year, I have started to implement specific times of the day to set my phone aside and to have social media free weekends.Setting simple limits and boundaries has been key for me as a blogger.

Ask yourself why.

Before I post anything, I like to ask myself why. Why am I posting this blog post or picture? Sometimes, we can post for the wrong motives. My why for blogging is always to encourage and cheer on other moms. So I want to make sure what I post is in line with that. I make it a goal to avoid posting things that will cause division and controversy.

As much hate there can be on social media and the internet. However, anything can be used for good.Use your space for good and watch the ripple effects of it around you.

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Keep a plan.

I really wanted to use a digital planning service, however I just love pen and paper. Instead of using digital or paying for a blogging calendar, I have decided to use what I have- a basic grid and a clipboard. Want to have a free copy of my blogging calendar and goals? Check out how you can grab this at the end of the post.

I can use the top space to write down ideas or things to do for the month. The grid holds my monthly calendar for blogging. Having a plan for the month helps keep me focused and on task.

Batch your tasks.

While I kept hearing this tip, I did not put it into practice until recently. Clearly, there is a reason why people say to batch your tasks, because it works! I am much more focused. In the past I would try to write then edit then take photos. Now, I have started to create an outfline of the posts for the upcoming week  in Google Drive. Another day I will write the posts and then another take the photos. It is amazing how I focus better when I am staying on one task.

Embrace who you are.

Even though there are tons of blogging friends online, there is only one blogger that I am friends with locally. She is a gift and we often talk about how good it is to get together and talk about blogging and encourage each other. For a long time, I would not really talk about blogging with my other friends. It can seem like a weird hobby or self-indulgent.

As blogging has been turning into more of a part time job, I have been learning to embrace it. Yes, I am a blogger and a writer and an author. IT may be a less common job but it has turned into a job. Embracing who I am has been a journey but it has been good to acknowledge that what I do is important and good.

Do you struggle to embrace who you are? Even if you are not a blogger, you may struggle. Stay at home moms can often be heard saying, “oh I’m just a mom.” Somehow we all get trapped int he midnset of thinking if you are not out in the carreer world you are just a _________ This is just a lie, embrace who you are and then live it!

Fellow bloggers, what tips would you add to this list? I always love hearing what other bloggers are learning. Share in the comments below.

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