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Last year, I read The Nesting Place and was so inspired by her thoughts on creating beauty  and a haven in our homes. The subtitle is, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Immediately those words drew me in because of how against the ways of the world they are. 

It was a refreshing idea for me to hold onto in a world where we are bombarded with perfection. I am learning to embrace the little wears and tears of our home, because I know we are building something greater.

Daily we all go out from our homes into the world whether it is to school, a job, or just running errands. When my husband and children are overwhelmed and weary, I want our home to be a place of warmth and comfort for them. I want it to be a place where they can rest their tired hearts and feet. I want it to be a place that reflect’s God’s goodness and glory.  Simply put, I want it to be haven for them. 

Turning a house into a home– a safe haven– has become a little goal of mine.  Throughout the Christmas season, I intend to keep this thought in mind. As the hustle and bustle of the holidays comes at us, we can rest in our sweet haven. 

 Here are some tips I have learned along the way:

(1) Let go of perfect. A haven is not a perfectly decorated home. Build upon what you already have in your home. The worn chair can become a spot for someone to curl up with a good book. The old quilt is perfect to snuggle under during family movie night. 

(2) Envision your haven. What describes a haven to you? Baked goodies? Candles? Blankets? Start an inspiration board on Pinterest where you pin ideas that are warm and welcoming to you. 

 (3) Re-purpose items. I have a neighbor who has a gift for reusing old items.  When she sees an old jar it is as if she sees an item that can be used for countless purposes in her home. Wander a thrift store and let your imagination run with some creative ideas. If this is not a gift for you, bring along a friend who is gifted in this area. Show her your Pinterest inspiration board and work together to find what you need. 

Our children do not need a large house filled with expensive things. They do not need magazine perfect rooms or fancy playrooms. What they do need is a place of warmth and comfort.  A house is just a structure that we live in. But a home, a home is where we grow, cry, and are strengthened to go out into the world.

I know that as my children grow, they will eventually leave home and start their own lives. There is some anticipation as I think about  how God is going to use them in the world. I also know that there may be times where they get hurt or frustrated or lost. Wherever our home is, I pray that it will be a place where they can come to rest.

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