I have always loved home organization and can easily get lost in Pinterest looking at all the organization ideas. Over the years, I have tried countless methods for our home. Sometimes, I may have gone a little overboard in my ideas. Thankfully, with each project, I learned more about organizing our home.

Many of my friends have asked me for organization tips. There was even a season where I would go with two other friends to organize homes for others. I am definitely not an expert, but I have learned a few things. I believe we can be intentional in our home organization and actually accomplish an organized home when we first consider a few things.


Home Organization 101: How to have an organized home. Tips to get you started!

Define why you want an organized home.

Are you seeking control and clean spaces because other areas of your life feel out of control? Personally, I have had to battle this issue. In my early years of motherhood, I realized that a lot of my need for organization came out of a need for control. I would think, “If I can just get the closet perfectly organized, then life will be okay.” The truth is that no amount of organized space will bring about calm in your life. It may bring a temporary relief but nothing that lasts. I can organize my home in order for us to function more smoothly without seeking fulfillment from the organization itself.

Write down your most stressful zones.

What areas of your house stress you out? Is it the book bags by the front door? The shoes laying everywhere? The remotes you can never find? Take a minute and walk through your home with a note pad and pen in hand and write down these areas.

Write down what works and what does not work.

Now that you have your stressful zones, sit down and write down what is working and what is not. Maybe you like having the bags by the front door because it is practical but it is not working to have them laying on the ground in the way.

Dream a little.

Pick one of the zones to work on first and dream a little. Search on Pinterest for some ideas and create a board to pin to. Many times, I will gather a lot of ideas and then go through again determining what is realistic and what is not.

Be you!

Everyone is going to have a different level of organization. Do not try to be someone who you are not.  We all have different families that are going to thrive with different levels of organization.

These five questions will help you get your mindset right for organizing your home! Next week, we dig more into home organization as we talk about how to move forward in organizing your home.

Until then, share below in the comments some of your best home organization tips or questions that you may have!

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17 comments on “Home Organization 101”

  1. I love this post! My SIL asked me to come help organize their small apartment before their second baby comes this spring, so I am going to save this post for her!

  2. I love your tips! I need to have an organized home or else I feel like I’m losing control. It’s tough with 4 kids, but I try hard to stay on top of it!

  3. Im still learning what works for me and my family – but 2 key things Im trying to implement are: keep a clutter free space in each room and do a little bit everyday. Im trying to teach my kids to put things back where they belong!

    • That is so good to do a little each day. I agree on teaching kids to put things back. I have been trying to be more intentional with that, because they need to learn! Plus it helps contain the clutter. Thanks for stopping by Angela!

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