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Life moves along gently and softly, the days seemingly flow together with ease. While there are the regular bumps and turns, nothing seems to shake you too much. Then, in the flash of second, something happens and you crash and immediately are sent into survival mode.  In that instant, you realize you are in the middle of a storm. 

In the depths of the brokenness that the storms bring it is hard to see anything but brokenness. Many times it feels next to impossible. Darkness seems to loom around you in a never ending cycle. Until one day, you eventually see the light through the cracks.  Seeing the light reminds you that the  light was always there. It had just been shaded by the dark.

In the storms of life, I have grown a deeper trust and faith in the promises of God. When your world is turned upside down, it is the only place that gives you a solid rock to stand on. 

One of my favorite resources to help turn my eyes to God’s promises is ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises: A Six- Week Devotional Experience by April Knight. It has been an amazing tool in my life to turn my weary heart towards praising God, even in the midst of the storms of life. 

There is something beautiful that happens when you focus on God’s promises. Suddenly, instead of fearing the worst or asking God “why me”, you are resting in Him. An indescribable peace fills your heart and mind. 

As I have reflected on God’s promises during the storms, I am able to praise Him, even in the storm. Through the creative format of ScriptureDoodle’s books I am encouraged to relax and focus in on truth over lies. 

If you are looking for a new devotional study for the upcoming year, I highly recommend checking out ScriptureDoodle’s God’s Promises and Devotional Book. I know that as you pour yourself into these studies, your eyes will be turned off of your struggling circumstances to the hope of God. 

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