Mornings can be one of the most stressful times of the day. It is hard to get the day started right when you feel like you are already running behind, isn’t it? There have been many mornings where I have become so overwhelmed at how chaotic everything seems. Over time, I am learning to let go of expectations and have grace. I also have learned there are a few things I can do to help maximize my mornings.

Before, I go into the six tips, I do want to say that I am naturally a morning person. I am typically up between 5am and 530am and love a good sunrise. Come evening time, I am typically half asleep.

Now onto the tips!

Get Quiet

Starting my day off by praying and reading my Bible truly does change how my day starts off.  Some days I spend longer than others in this time. The point is not the quantity but the quality. Right now I am going through the Bible using this plan. Tip: Have your coffee ready to brew the day before. Knowing my cup of coffee is brewing is always helpful in getting me going in the morning. 

Eat Breakfast

We need to fuel ourselves, mamas. Bacon and eggs are my go-to breakfast but I also love some yogurt and homemade granola.

Get Ready

Even if I am not going anywhere, I like to get ready for the day. There is something about being dressed and ready that spurs me on with focus.

Quick Clean Up

Every morning, I like to do a quick clean up. It typically takes about ten minutes. I listen to a podcast and start at the back of the house and move my way to the kitchen. Basically, I make our bed, gather my laundry, and spray down the bathroom with Method Antibac Cleaner. 

Check the Plan

I like to glance at my planner and see what is planned for the day. Many times, I will highlight the items I want to accomplish during the morning so I can stay focused.  Also, I am forgetful- aren’t we all?! So checking my daily plan, helps me remember if there is an email I need to send, a friend I need to check on, etc.

Dinner Plans

My goal is to glance at my menu plan to see what is for dinner. Sometimes, I adjust the menu depending on what is going on, but it is so helpful to think ahead to the evening time. I can get the crockpot running or know I will need to start cooking at a certain time.

Learn how to make the most of your mornings as a mom

These six things are what help me maximize my mornings. Do they happen every day? Goodness no! Some mornings are more rushed than others, but I do make it a general habit to follow this rhythm. It helps our mornings be a little less hectic.

What about you? What do your mornings look like? 


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  1. Critical to "check the plan!" Whenever I let myself get too far into the day without anchoring myself with where I am and what I have to do that day, I often find I’ve already missed something important!

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