I am so excited to kick off the Clear the Clutter Challenge with talking about the kitchen.  Whenever I think about how to organize a small kitchen like my own, I feel a little overwhelmed with the task. The kitchen can definitely take on a lot of clutter. Between the many utensils and appliances, it becomes a breeding ground for clutter.

As with our entire house, we have been slowly updating different aspects of the home. We painted the cabinets and added the hardware a couple of years ago. In the next few years, we hope to get new floors, counters, and back splash in here.

If you find yourself in a “work in progress” kitchen, I urge you to find contentment in what you do have. Learn how to love your home as it is while enjoying the process of updating it. No matter what your kitchen looks like, it is good to be intentional about keeping the clutter away.

When I started to organize my small kitchen, I tried to remember a few important tips.

Have a few bags ready to hold items to trash, items to donate, and items to move to a different location. 

To start, I emptied out cabinets and drawers. 

When you are in a specific area, make sure to empty out the closet, pantry, drawers, etc. For example, in the kitchen, I emptied the cabinets and drawers so that I could see everything out. As I emptied, I would group similar items together.

How to organize a small kitchen

Remove unneeded items. 

If something is broken, trash it. Do you have multiple ice cream scoops? Pick your favorite and get rid of the rest.  Are you holding onto something because you feel obligated? Let it go. If I am on the fence about something, I will try to think of the last time I used it. If I am still unsure, I will place in a holding basket where it stays for a month and then if I still have not used it, time to say goodbye!

Use drawer organizers. I use a mixture of baskets from the dollar store and wire drawer organizers. 

Once I went through my silverware drawer, I removed all of the random pieces and paired down the kids utensils to just the Nuby ones. Also, I realized how many medicine cups I had! No need for all of those! I love having our Nuby utensils in the little basket. It is perfect to easily find them for the kids! 

How to organize a small kitchen

Use a basket for your toaster. 

This helps keep all of the crumbs under control!

Limit the cookbooks. 

I have limited the cookbooks in my kitchen to just a small handful of favorites. There is no need to have an endless supply of cookbooks with Pinterest right at your reach. A small binder holds family favorites from over the years.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Keep Tupperware under control. 

I use a rectangular bin to hold my Tupperware.  When you go through this, make sure all pieces have lids to match. If something is missing or broken, get rid of it.

I feel so refreshed after clearing the clutter from the kitchen. A pile of items now wait to be sold at a yard sale or donated. Now, the goal with any fresh space, is to keep it cluttered free! One of the best ways to do this is to put things back where they belong!

Want to see more of my kitchen? Make sure to check out Instagram stories Tuesday as I will be sharing some behind the scenes of the kitchen!

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32 comments on “How to Organize a Small Kitchen”

  1. I struggle with cookbooks–I rarely use them with Pinterest right there. But there is something about looking through an actual book that is fun! I did narrow down my stash though! Your kitchen looks great!

  2. I have a small kitchen so always looking for ideas. I liked the idea of a basket for the toaster crumbs. I store my toaster off the counter so as to have more room – but am continually wiping crumbs out of the cupboard. Thanks!

  3. Love all of these tips you shared! My Tupperware had gotten out of control but it helps to get the kind that stack together! Feels so great to be free of the clutter!

  4. My son and daughter in law live in a tiny apartment in LA. She’s so organized. It’s anazing how clearing the clutter makes spaces feel roomier!

  5. I don’t know why I never thought of putting my toaster in a basket – but brilliant suggestion! I have so many crumbs in the drawer where I keep my toaster. I’m definitely doing to go out and pick a basket up this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Great post! I have a super tiny kitchen. Getting the Tupperware under control is definitely something I need to work on. I also like your toaster basket. Great idea!

  7. I love the idea of putting something in a “holding basket” to see if you actually use it or not. Just last night, I was looking in my kitchen drawers wondering where all that stuff came from and why I still have it if I don’t use it.

  8. It’s been 6 months since I moved to a small apartment. Having been living in a much bigger house for more than a decade, it was a struggle to give away most of my things (I brought all of my Tupperware collection with me 😄).

    The only problem now is, I have a whole lot of baking stuff with me which I can’t get rid of. All sorts of sizes of baking tins, muffin pans & cake decorating stuff. These things really take up space. I’m just a hobby baker but i just love baking & decorating cakes n cookies. Sewing is also my thing, so I have a portable sewing machine, a toolbox of sewing kits.

    • It is so hard parting with things! Maybe if it is items you do not always use you could have a storage bin for them and then take out when needed. So glad you stopped by!

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