Since becoming a mom, I have found the evening time to be something I treasure. While our evening routine may vary at times, overall it stays fairly constant.

As I am more of an early riser, I am typically pretty worn down by evening. However, no matter how tired I am, I know a good evening routine is key for starting the next day well.  

This post contains affiliate links
This post contains affiliate links

We all know that mornings can be a struggle which is why I believe that doing just a few things in the evening can make a complete change of your morning.

There are four main things that I focus on for my evening routine: 

(1) Clean Up- Enlist the help of your family and do a quick clean up of the house before bed.  It does not have to be anything extensive, but picking up the toys, dirty dishes, etc. can enable you to start the next day with a fresh slate. We keep our cleaning supplies right within reach and quickly spray down the counters (Mrs. Meyer’s spray is my favorite!). When you do not have to hunt for the cleaning supplies, it is easier to take action! 

(2) Check Your Schedule- Take a few minutes to check your plans for the next day. You can even take it a step further, and make a quick to do list for the day. This helps you wake up feeling ready for the day rather than surprised at what is on your plate! 

(3) Connect With Your Spouse- If you have a spouse, take the time to connect. My husband and I love having regular date nights, but we also love watching a quick show on Netflix in the evenings. It has become our thing to have a series that we watch together. 

(4) Choose to Relax- Depending on your personality type, this one may be a struggle. I tend to want to work, work, work, so I have to be very intentional with this. While I do use a portion of my evening after the kids are asleep to work on writing, I try to be intentional about shutting things down about thirty minutes before I head to bed. Have a snack, read a book, and relax

(5) Put the Phone Down- While I do get on my phone some during the evening, I make it a point not to bring it to bed. For a while, I realized I had started doing this and would fall asleep after scrolling Facebook. Now, I love social media and believe it has the power to be used for good, but I also know myself. Empty scrolling of Facebook when I am tired, in bed, is not good for my heart and soul. Friends, we have to protect ourselves. Know yourself and what is good for you. It is much better for me to read a book before bed than scroll social media.

These five things help me have an evening routine that sets me up for success the next day. As you set your routine, I would ask you to consider what could you do that would set you up for success? Determine these things, write down your routine, and put it into action! 

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