If you have a mama friend to shop for or maybe you need to give your husband a little list of ideas, this is for you! I love, love, love buying gifts for mamas because it is always so fun to shower someone with love! Many times, moms can be so focused on caring for everyone else, that they forget to focus on caring for themselves. It is a struggle, isn’t it? 

These gift ideas are to encourage a mama to be intentional and live life with joy! 

1. Teapot + Tea- Every mama needs to take a minute and rest and I love how this gift encourages you to do so! My sister recently gifted me with a beautiful yellow tea pot with a mug, tea, and cozy socks. It is part of my evening routine, to brew some tea and drink it while the kids have a snack and watch a cartoon before bed. This teapot is almost identical to mine! 

2. Powersheets- This will be my first year officially using the Powersheets and I am so excited! They are perfect for women who want to live with intention while embracing the imperfect. Shop the 2017 PowerSheets Collection

3. You Are Seen Print- I love beautiful prints for my home, and this print is one every mama needs to have. The words will encourage and remind you of the truth you need to hear! This is beautiful displayed in a frame or even hanging on a clipboard. 

image from The Littles & Me
image from The Littles & Me

4. Perfectly Posh- My friend recently introduced these products to me after I declared I needed to be taking better care of my skin! I have been trying out the face wash, masks, and moisturizer and am loving it! It is the perfect gift for a mama to be pampered with! Shop here

image from Perfectly Posh
image from Perfectly Posh

5. Prayer Journal- I loved using Val Marie Paper’s undated prayer journal last year and cannot wait to start again. It is such a meaningful gift for mamas. Add in a beautiful pen for a special touch. 

image from Val Marie
image from Val Marie

6. The Glorious Ordinary- This devotional would pair perfectly with the Prayer Journal. Mamas, we need Jesus every minute of every day, don’t we?! The Glorious Ordinary will encourage you in your current season to connect with God. 

7. Magnolia Candle- Candles are one of my most favorite things. My sister surprised me with this candle and I am loving it. It fills our home with the most beautiful smell. 

image from Magnolia Shop
image from Magnolia Shop

8. Better Life Bags- Ever since I came across Better Life Bags, I have been a fan. I love they are based in Detroit and their mission for others. I have had my bag for a year now and absolutely love it- it has been durable and stood up against life with three kids (which is impressive). It is super fun to design your own bag and the options are endless! 

9. Cookbook- Rachel Hollis is one of my most favorite people. I watch her youtube channel and am always encouraged and inspired. She recently released a cookbook and friends, it is amazing! First of all, it is gorgeous. Second of all, it is filled with recipes that I will actually make! They are perfect for every day life or for special occasions. 

10. Persimmon Prints- It is no secret that I love Persimmon Prints. Kacie is one of those people you meet and instantly connect with and adore. I am loving my Choose Joy sweatshirt and my Love God, Love Others tank has been so versatile for every season. 

11. Count to Nine- Certain books can change everything for you and this book was one of them. Ruthie is such an amazing lady who is filled with so much wisdom that she regularly shares with other mamas.If you are not connected with her, you need to be.  Get your copy of Count to Nine: 9 Liberating Steps to Mom Anger and Frustration here. 

12. Fashion and Compassion- In the past couple years, I have become more of a fan of jewelry, especially when it is purposeful. After watching Blood Diamond many years ago, I became more aware of what is going on in the jewelry industry and turned my eyes to other sources. Fashion and Compassion is an incredible company based in Charlotte, NC and has so many beautiful options. Currently, I am loving my blue necklace (and my daughter is too). 

Aren’t all of these gift ideas for mamas so lovely and wonderful? I love sharing some of my favorite things with you and hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have a favorite! Is there anything you would add to the list? 

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

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