It is such a joy to have my friend Sarah sharing with us today. I love her thoughts on how to be intentional when life feels crazy because I know we can all relate to this. There are countless moments when my life feels so chaotic and the thought of being intentional seems impossible. Her wisdom and tips will show you that it is not impossible. 

Summertime is usually our calm-time. We spend our morning relaxing and chilling before we head to the pool. This summer, on the other hand, is going to look a little bit different. This month we are traveling to China to bring home our fifth child, a little boy only two-years old. We have decided this is the summer we will not get to do the same old things.In fact, Im not quite sure what this summer will look like.

We dont know much about our little guy, because we have a short video of him walking and running, a few pictures, and one page description. We cant really say whether he will be able to handle the pool this summer. Im not so sure Ill be attending much church activities with him. On the other hand, he might do fantastic. Either way, I think it would be safe to say my summer is going to be a little crazy.

Crazy feels so horrible for me. I like organization. I like to know what we are going to do each day, and I like to feel prepared. During the summer, I usually am pretty flexible, but I still like to plan. So Ive decided to do the following three things to help myself be intentional, even though life is going to feel a little bit crazy.

1. Plan time with each child. Having multiple children is a joy and blessing, but one of the things we have to be more intentional about is one-on-one time. So my husband and I have to consciously plan outings with each one. We will use a free evening, or afternoon, and take one out for ice-cream or to play at the park. Maybe Ill take one to the store but buy him/her a special treat.

2. Find an older teenager or family member to take my other three children out. I think it is important that the older ones dont feel stuckat home this summer. Im not sure our little guy will be able to hang out at the pool, park, or running errands. So I plan to organize some times for them to go out with someone else.

3. Plan some great at-home activities. I want to show my children how much fun it can be to play at home, so we are going to do some fun play-things. Im going to teach my boys how to build a fort with sticks in the woods. Im going to get a small wading pool and have some water balloon fights. We might do some outdoor painting. We now have chickens (as well as a dog and cat), so we will be doing a lot of animal care. With my girls I plan to bake and cook with them once a week.

How to be intentional when life feels crazy

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Life is crazy, and hectic, but being intentional doesn’t just happen. We have to choose to be intentional. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time, and when we try to do everything life gets crazy. I’ve created a great resource for moms during the summer. It is called Summer of Psalms for Busy Moms: A 40 Day Summer Reading Plan. In this plan you will be able to read the Psalm, write your prayers and journal your thoughts and answer reflection questions all in one place! “Summer of Psalms for Busy Moms” is the perfect answer to your busy summer schedule. Each day can be completed in 10 minutes or less! Order your copy here

Grow in your relationship with God this summer with this study.

Which tip are you going to start putting into practice this week? 

Don’t forget to join the Summer Challenge with me! We are having some much fun with our simple daily activities! 

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24 comments on “How to Be Intentional When Life Feels Crazy”

  1. I really enjoyed this read, particularly, as it resonates with a personal goal and the content I’m currently working on-creating play experiences with intention for our young learners. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. At home activities is something we have planned. Sometimes always going feels more stressful than just staying at the house so we are hoping for slow days at home to enjoy each other’s company.

  3. I love this. I am definitely a planner and get stressed when things are hectic and unpredictable. It’s a great reminder to still find focus on what matters. I have two little ones and try to find special ways to spend one on one time with each of them.

  4. I know that when I make a list, I am much more intentional and feel so much more organized and calm when I am done. I love your suggestions and I am praying for a safe journey for all!

  5. I think when times are crazy, it can almost be easier to be intentional. They craziness forces our hand in that aspect. Summers are crazy busy for us so I have to focus on being intentional to make at home time being restful instead of full with activities.

    • I can relate to that. It is really hard when all of the sudden you realize life is full of so many things. Definitely a good time to step back and assess what you can do less of.

  6. I love that you said that being intentional doesn’t just happen – it’s something that we have to choose! This is a great reminder! Having a go – to list of fun activities at home is a huge help!

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