At the end of every month, I love to share what is bringing me joy. As much as I cannot believe it, we are nearing the end of December.  Looking back on the month, I am reminded that there is something so powerful about choosing to pick out the good. It really does flip my attitude to the brighter side.  Sharing what is bringing me joy in December is a way for me to reflect on the past month and encourage you to do the same.

What’s Bringing Me Joy in December


I love reading personally and reading with my kids always brings me joy. This past month we received Lizzy the Lioness by Lisa Bevere to read and have absolutely loved it. I love when we find a book that is a great story combined with truth. If you are looking for a good book to read with your kids, this is the one. Make sure to hop over to Instagram because I will be giving away a copy of this book!

Hot Chocolate

We had a string of a few days where it was actually cold here (as in below 50), so we immediately broke out the hot chocolate. Hot chocolate snack time after school has been bringing me so much joy. Even with the warmer weather this past week, we have still been making some hot cocoa.

Simple Christmas after school snack, hot chocolate snack, Christmas treat

Christmas Decor

Usually by this time of the year I am starting to want to tear all of the decor down, but this  year I have really been enjoying it. I feel like the month of December has flown by and I am just urging it to slow down the next few days as I savor it all.

Holiday Treats

One of my favorite things to do every year is make holiday treats with my sister. We always have so much fun. This year we made chocolate pretzels, peppermint bark, and this amazing candy. So, so, so tasty!


I adore a good candle. My mom always had a candle burning in the kitchen and it is something that I now love to do as well. With my recent find of Vellabox, I am loving candles even more.

Perfect gifts for her

Keeping it Simple

This year my focus was heavily on keeping it simple. It meant saying no to a lot of things and narrowing down what we do, and it has been beautiful. There have been many evenings spent as a family watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn.

What are some things that are bringing you joy? I would love to hear! Share in the comments below!

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