Today, I want to welcome Rebekah as she is sharing how to keep cool while enjoying the outdoors. I know you are going to love her ideas! 

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? I think of playing in the backyard, picnics at the park, swimming in the pool … basically, anything that involves getting outdoors and having fun!

But, my family lives in Texas and Texas summers can be HOT. Fun outside can seem a whole lot less fun when you feel like you’re in an oven the second you step outdoors.

No one wants to stay cooped up indoors all summer though, especially with little kids. This summer I’m determined to find ways to keep cool while enjoying the outdoors.

So far what we’re loving is water play (a no-brainer here in Texas) and cold treats.

Fun Ways to Keep Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors!

Water play


Of course this is the first thing I mention! What could be better than the pool on a hot day? We are blessed to have a community pool and we took advantage of it the first day it opened for the summer (and many days since.) No, it probably won’t be the relaxing experience it was pre-kids, but the joy that comes from helping your kids have a good time makes up for that. 😉

Helpful Tips for Keeping Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors

Water guns/squirters

Water guns or those cool little foam squirters are always a lot of fun. My son just got one for his third birthday and he had a blast figuring out how to shoot it in the pool today.

Kiddie pool

I have such fun memories of playing with my siblings in our kiddie pool when I was little. It was amazing how much time we could spend in that little thing. My kiddos are fans as well, especially of climbing in, and out, and back in, and back out haha. The water is pretty full of grass by the time they’re done, but hey, it keeps them cool!

Helpful Tips for Keeping Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors


Water table

This is our first year to have a water table, passed on to us by a friend whose kids had out grown it. It’s a nice alternative to the kiddie pool for when you want to use less water but still do something to keep cool. My son loves bringing his match box cars outside to play with the table. My one year old likes to try to climb on top of it haha!

Helpful Tips for Keeping Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors

Local splash parks

Splash parks are the best! We have three within a fifteen minute drive and have definitely been taking advantage of them this summer. My kiddos are always guaranteed to burn lots of energy!

Helpful Tips for Keeping Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors

Washing the car

My three year old loves “helping” me wash the car and of course he gets soaked in the process. Nothing like getting outside together, staying cool, and accomplishing something all at the same time!

Sprinkler, water balloons, slip ‘n slide, water games, and more!

There are so many more options for water fun, especially if your kids are a bit older than my two. A simple search for outdoor water fun on Pinterest brings up loads of options.

Tips to stay cool even while enjoying the outdoors Tips to stay cool even while enjoying the outdoors

Cool treats

A cool treat can make a huge difference on a hot day (along with plenty of water to drink of course!) Here are a few ideas:


My one year old is a huge fan! Let it chill in the fridge first, then enjoy it outside where it doesn’t matter if it drips everywhere. Don’t forget to have a seed spitting contest!


Serve them right away while they’re still icy. Bonus: you can hide veggies in them!


It’s not summer without the occasional popsicle! I have happy memories of enjoying freezer pops by the side of grandparents’ pool as a kid. Yum! You can even make your own!

Frozen blueberries

These are addicting you guys! I can eat a whole bowl – so so good. (I just wouldn’t recommend them for really little kiddos.)


My husband made this for us the other day and it was super refreshing. He didn’t follow an exact recipe but it was similar to this one.

Helpful Tips for Keeping Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors

There you have it! Those are my ideas to help you keep cool while enjoying the outdoors. How do you like to keep cool outdoors with your kids?

Rebekah is a stay at home mom living in the great state of Texas. She is married to a wonderful husband of five years and is mom to two precious kiddos. Blogging is her favorite hobby and she loves to share easy recipes, book reviews, and most of all encouragement for other moms.

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15 comments on “Fun Ways to Keep Cool While Enjoying the Outdoors”

  1. Ah this is so necessary for me right now. It’s been over 100 degrees everyday in D.C. and I can’t go outside without just getting drenched in sweat! (TMI?). Love that these are awesome, but cheap, ideas to keep everyone cool, including the pup!

    • Whew that is hot! We are visiting family in the mountains and it is amazing how much cooler it is than back home in the south. Enjoy the ideas!

  2. We are headed to the local wading pool after nap time this morning with a high in the 30s today! When we get home we’ll have some popsicles. I’d never considered washing the car as a stay-cool activity. We’ll have to give it a try!

  3. Great ideas! We moved up north from TX a few years ago and I really appreciate the cooler weather up here. We loved going to the pool and to Sea World when we lived in TX. And homemade popsicles were a must!

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