The months after I came home from the hospital with my second son were spent in survival mode. My days were filled with learning how to balance two very different children.  Exhaustion overwhelmed my soul and I felt like a failure as a mom.  

Throughout my entire pregnancy with my second child, I had envisioned the days ahead spent playing Thomas the Train together and running around outside. What I did not envision was a baby who did not sleep well, potty training being such a struggle, and so many other things.  I did not expect to stare at the clock every day, eagerly waiting  for evening when my husband would return from work.

When I was in the depths of surviving, I started to believe the lie that so many moms believe that motherhood is just meant to be survived.

That simple lie can quickly grab a hold of us. It can control our every thought and turn the gift of motherhood into a quest for survival.

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It is such a joy to be able to share over at Chelsie’s space today. We met when I was in the midst of the hard season I am sharing about. She was my table leader at our moms’ group and welcomed me with open arms. This Wednesday, Chelsie will be sharing here and I am so excited for what she has to share with us all. 

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