Perhaps it is because of our smaller house or maybe it is because I can be way too practical, but I cannot stand clutter and excess. Everything has to have a home within our house and toys are constantly being sorted through. 

With this type of mentality, I lean towards less is more during Christmas, and life in general. My kids are naturally going to constantly want more things. There is the urgency to have the best of the best. It is something I fight against in hopes to encourage my kids to be content with little. 

I recently saw how Allie from The Purposeful Housewife eliminated many of the toys in their house. She did a complete overhaul and I loved it. It spoke to the part of me that desires simplicity. 

When it comes down to it, I think we all crave simplicity. Sometimes it just gets covered up by our attempts to  fill in every crack of our lives with more stuff. More shoes, more scarves, more books, more, more, more. 

We fill our lives to the brim until we can hardly breathe and then are frustrated because we still feel unsettled. Even in the plentiful homes we live in, we feel empty. 

Why is this? 

It is because we are filling our lives with the wrong ONE. 

Friends, instead of buying more things, we need God. He is the one that we are seeking in our vain attempts to fill our lives. 

So this Christmas, as I make the lists and buy the gifts, I want to do so in knowing that these things will not fulfill me. These things are fun to buy and spread some love with, but they do not and will not fill the void. 

Perhaps I will buy a little less stuff and spend more time with the ones I love. Maybe I will buy with purpose and ultimately buy fewer items but with greater purpose. 

Whatever angle we focus on, the point is to remember to fill up with God not with things. Less is more, friends. 

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