Over the years, I realized that I had a deep struggle with perfection. As I became a mama, I knew I needed to let go of perfect, which is, of course, easier said than done. While I know this will be an ongoing journey, I am thankful to reflect and see the steps that have been taken so far. We may never fully conquer a struggle, but we can daily take steps in the right direction.

How to let go of perfect- tips for letting go

Growing up my sister and I spent hours playing with our Barbie dolls. We were always orchestrating the perfect little lives for our dolls. Whenever I would think of the future, I would envision myself married with children living in Michigan. I did consider that we may be the next town over, but I would raise my family in Western Michigan.

Even when I went away to college in West Virginia, I still pictured myself settling back down in Michigan. It just made sense. Once I got married to my husband that was the plan- for us to move back to my home state. However, as much as we tried to do that, every door kept getting slammed shut. Meanwhile, there was a wide open door for us to move to South Carolina.

Today, I am sharing about my journey to let go of perfect and some encouragement for you! Read more here.

Thank you Jessica from Sweet Little Ones for letting me share some of my heart over at your blog. Jessica is one of my favorite online friends and she has an amazing etsy shop.

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