It is an amazing and incredible thing that our bodies can create life. There is such deep and true beauty in this. However, many times instead of rejoicing over this, we tear ourselves down. We obsess over the scars post childbirth. Our days are filled with obsessive exercise and diets and negative self-talk. Unrealistic expectations fog our minds as we attempt to attain the vision of perfection.

Growing up, my mom always focused on instilling what true beauty was to my sister and i. I always appreciated her focus on this and aimed to keep my mind centered on true beauty. It was not until after the birth of my second child, that I started to notice myself zeroing in on imperfections.

Whether it was the vein in my leg or extra weight around my thighs, I suddenly felt self-conscious.

In a world of filters and photoshop, our vision of true beauty has been ruined.

Often we accept the lie that true beauty is perfection.

Trust me, I adore makeup, skincare, and working out. I find beauty tutorials fascinating and fun. However, the thing to remember is that we do not do these things to be beautiful. If all we are doing is constantly trying to achieve this elusive perfect beauty, we are living our lives in vain.

We are meant to age and with age comes a history of living. Every single line on our bodies tells part of the story of your life.

Let’s choose to be women who embrace true beauty.

May we proclaim it to the world.

Let’s choose to focus on what is true.

Whenever, I start to feel as though I am obsessing over certain body issues, I have to do a check in. Have I been spending time with God? Have I been surrounding myself with life giving friends?

Let’s choose to embrace what true beauty is so that we can teach the next generation.

Our daughters are watching us and learning on a daily basis. May they learn the gift of true beauty.

Never forget, you, sweet mama, are absolutely beautiful.

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