Do you ever feel like it is impossible for your home to be organized and stay organized? I have been there and is why I am committed to help moms get organized.  It can seem like it will never happen and that organization is a far off dream for couples without kids or grown kids. However, I believe that moms of little ones can be organized. The point is to remember that organization looks different to everyone. Once you understand that, you can move forward with understanding 5 tips.

Give items a home. 

When you know where things go, they will be less likely to pile up. For example, we have hooks by the front door for book bags, keys, and purses. There are bins for toys and

Put things away the first time. 

Many times, I notice clutter building up because I am putting things in a pile so that I can “organize later.” In doing this we think we are saving time, when we are actually adding time. Start the practice of putting things back in the right spot right away.

Train others to follow the systems. 

Organized spaces are good and wonderful but it is going to be impossible to keep them up if no one else is following along. When you set up a new system, sit down with your family and explain to them where to put things. It takes a lot of reminding, but eventually they will remember! Sometimes I have to stop myself from just doing it myself. For example, when the boys get home from school and just kick their shoes off anywhere. Instead of sighing and picking them up, I can remind them what they are supposed to do. The more they practice, the more easier it becomes for them to remember.

Re-visit the systems.

There are times when an organized space is just not working.  Before you try to force it to work, look at the space and figure out why it is not working. Then fix it!

Get rid of excess.

Have you ever seen a super organized junk drawer? There really is no need. I am a big fan of  de-cluttering and do not like to keep excess around. It is the slight minimalist that creeps out in me. As you are organizing, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” I recently put some items that I had not used in a long time in a box in our closet. I decided to check in after a month and see if I had needed the items. The items that were not used, I got rid of (obviously if it is a seasonal item, that is a different story).

How to To Get Moms Organized- 5 tips

Following these five tips will help moms get organized and actually stay organized. It takes time, but it is possible! What would you add to this list?

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