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Even though I am naturally a morning person, motherhood has put a damper on my mornings. It is hard to get your morning started right as a stay at home mom. For many of the early years of motherhood, I would wake up feeling behind and overwhelmed. The quiet mornings of sipping coffee were quickly replaced with loud mornings of reheating coffee. Can you relate?

However, over time, I started to realize that I could get my mornings back. Yes, it is possible to get your morning started right moms! All it took was realizing one simple truth.

Mornings look different as a mom. 

My problem was that I had not accepted the change. Since mornings look different as a mom, I had to figure out a new way to start my morning right. Through some trial and error, I have figured out a good rhythm for my mornings. I hope my rhythm will encourage you to create your own.

* If you are a mama of a little one, pour on the grace. Give yourself some time and remember your mornings will come back! 

Get Your Morning Started Right as a Stay at Home Mom

Have a set wake up time.

For a long time, my wake up time would fluctuate between all the hours. There was no consistency which left me feeling overwhelmed.

Waking up around the same time every morning can help you get into a good routine. In order for it to be easier for you to wake up, go to bed at a decent hour.  This is key, friends. Lately, I have struggled with waking up and realized I was staying up way too late.

Enjoy some coffee and “quiet” time.

If you are a coffee lover like me, invest in cultivating that time for yourself. I try to sit and savor one cup of hot coffee every morning. It may sound silly, but this little habit is such a calming way for me to focus on the day ahead. During this time, I like to have my quiet time.

Remember, things look different now as a mama, so quiet time is not so quiet. That is okay though, you embrace what is and make new routines.
How to Get Your Morning Started Off Right as a Stay at Home Mom

Review your plan for the day.

Make a plan the night before, so you wake up already knowing what your priorities are. Since you wake up to this plan, make sure you actually look at your planner or list. Things will not happen if you never review what you intend to do. Your plan can be as detailed as you make it. It can be a list of your top priorities or a detailed plan.

How I use my Simplified Planner to organize my day as a busy mom.

Get dressed for the day.

Mamas, get yourself ready for the day. Wash your face, brush your hair, and get dressed. It will make you feel like a new woman. I know some seasons are harder than others and I am not saying you have to get all decked out. However, I always feel better when I am dressed for the day.

I love how a simple tee or tank can be dressed up or down. Tapered Collection has some adorable options that are classic styles and perfect for a mama. I can wear my tees with a cute skirt or shorts at home- that is a win for me!

How to Get Your Morning Started Off Right as a Stay at Home Mom

Release your expectations.

We all wake up with expectations for the day. It is normal. However, reality is that something will not go as planned. Just the other day I had big plans to meet some friends at the waterpark with our kids. Once we were over there, we found out it was already closed for the season. Enter disappointment. As I talked to one of my friends about our plans being ruined, we then decided to go to the beach since we were already over there.

She then laughed and said how in the big picture, our change of plans were such a small hiccup. In that moment, we then chose to find joy and had a great day. Friends, how many little hiccups are we letting consume our moods?

It is never worth it. Release your expectations for the day and have fun!

How to Get Your Morning Started Off Right as a Stay at Home Mom

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7 comments on “Get Your Morning Started Right as a Stay at Home Mom”

  1. Great post! I’ve been feeling this way for quite some time now and have done a few of these things in the morning and it’s starting to help! My struggle is not always relying on every morning being the same or as “easy” as the one before and learning to go with the flow. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yes Danielle! I can relate with that! It is so hard to let go of the expectations with what you think the day will look like. Thanks for stopping by!

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