• Finding True Community

    It was a Tuesday morning and the rain was drizzling down outside. I was weary and worn down from parenting demands, and settled down with my cup of reheated coffee. Instantly, my fingers went to my Facebook app and I opened it up unknowingly seeking community. To my tired eyes, all I saw was a world of amazing friendships which left me reflecting on my current state of loneliness.

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  • How to Find Time to Read + FREE Books

    Thank you to Tyndale Rewards for sponsoring this post. 

    When I was younger, I read books all the time. If I was not writing in a journal, I had a book in my hand. During high school, I worked at the local library because I just adored books. Now as a mama of three, I still love reading. I love seeing my kids curl up with a book or ask me to read to them.

    I know not everyone is a reader, but I think that most of us do love books. Sometimes we just forget the love that we have for them or we don’t think we have the time to read.   My biggest tip for moms who want to read but do not think they have time is to make the time. There is time to read, we just do not always choose to take advantage of the time we have.

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  • How can we start choosing joy- no matter what the circumstances are.

    Choosing Joy

    Nothing was going right. From the moment my youngest woke our entire house at the early hour of 5am, it had been one thing after another. The boys were arguing over toys, the puppy having accidents on the floor, and I spilled my coffee all over myself. Grumbling, I made extra coffee and attempted to wake my weary self. In moments like these, and in moments much harder than these, joy can seem like an unrealistic emotion. However, I have learned that having joy is different than being happy. 

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  • How to start a family night

    How to Create a Family Night

    One area that I am really focused on being intentional in lately is our family. It is so important to me that our kids feel like our home is a place of love and encouragement. We want to build a beautiful unity in our home between all of us. One of the ways, we do this is by having a regular family night. Today, I will give you some tips to help you in creating your own family night.

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  • How to Save Money on School Clothes

    As school is back in session, I have been working on sorting through my kids’ clothes. With everything we need to buy at the beginning of a school year, I am all about saving money on school clothes! The supplies can quickly add up so I love to look for ways to save a dollar or two. 

    Below are some of my tips for how you can save money on school clothes.

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  • What I Want to Teach My Daughter about Friendship

    When I first found out I was having a daughter, I was overwhelmed with unbelief, excitement, and fear. Naturally, after having two boys, I had figured a little girl was unlikely so my unbelief was there. As soon as we left the doctors office my mind drifted to all things pink and girly. And then in the corner of my mind was this little lingering fear. Kids are mean- my son has had his fair share of issues but girls can be downright nasty to each other. With all that I am, I want to protect my sweet girl from this, but chances are she will have to face a mean girl at some point. I can either live in fear or seek to prepare her.

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  • 9 Action Steps to Take When You are Tired

    Today I am so excited to have Emily, from Morning Motivated Mom, sharing. Ever since I first came across her blog, I felt like we instantly connected. She has inspired me in many ways- especially with goals and being intentional with my time. Make sure to connect with her more HERE.

    We all have those days. When we are tired. Weary. Stressed. Frustrated. Struggling with patience.  I can keep the small every-day stresses in perspective. There are so many trials that would be worse: losing a loved one, losing our home, dealing with great sickness.  I still need to find ways to get out of a down moment or down day.

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  • Learning how we can focus on choosing grace as a parent

    Choosing Grace in Our Responses

    Choosing grace over anger is a natural struggle as a mom. Many times, I find myself in a tug of war of emotions as anger attempts to win over grace.

    A memory of coming home with my arms full of grocery bags always comes to mind as I think of this. My arms were full of grocery bags as I entered the house, and I carefully set the bags down on the kitchen counters. As I was unloading the bags, my oldest came into the kitchen. With eager hands, he started unloading groceries along side of me. Somehow as he picked up the eggs in his earnest way, the egg carton slipped from his little hands and dropped to the floor.

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