How to Remember the Moments

The little moments of life are the ones that bring me the greatest joy. Whether it is a picnic outside, eating dinner with my husband after the kids are asleep, or flowers picked from outside; these moments are all like gold. A couple years ago, I decided it was time to capture these precious memories. 

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Easy Christmas Craft for Kids and Moms- Simple DIY tutorial for Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids + Mama

I love a good DIY project for the home and when I can involve my kids, I love it even more which is why I love how this easy Christmas craft came together. There is something so relaxing about creating something beautiful for our home.

Over the years, my sister and I have loved working together to create decor for our homes. This year, I had an idea to make some trees out of wood. It did not start out as a project for the kids and I, but I quickly realized how easy it was to let them get creative with this.

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Hope for When You are in Survival Mode

Life moves along gently and softly, the days seemingly flow together with ease. While there are the regular bumps and turns, nothing seems to shake you too much. Then, in the flash of second, something happens and you crash.  In that instant, you realize you are in the middle of a storm. 

In the depths of the brokenness that the storms bring it is hard to see anything but brokenness. Many times it feels next to impossible.

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DIY Gift Wrapping Station- Staying Organized This Christmas

Staying Organized this Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year when our minds are especially full of countless lists. Over the years, I have learned that I function a lot better during Christmas when I am organized. ,Now I am not saying you need to be super organized with every little detail, but instead, organize one thing. Putting together systems can be key to helping reduce the overwhelm. 

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Make your own DIY advent candles, perfect activity for families during Christmas

DIY Advent Candles

A simple way to focus on the real meaning of Christmas is by using advent candles. Since I love to make things practical for our family, I decided to make some DIY advent candles. By doing this, we do not have to worry about any fire and the kid are able to interact with the […] Read more…

The perfect gift guide for elementary aged boys

Best Gifts for Elementary Aged Boys

With Christmas just around the corner, we are getting organized with our lists. As a mama to an elementary aged boy, I decided to put together the top ten gift ideas (with the help and inspiration from my son). If you are hunting for a gift for an elementary aged boy, I hope this gift guide will provide some direction for you! 

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Teaching your kids the real meaning of the Christmas story in a hands on way. Christmas nativity for kids

A Practical Way to Teach the Christmas Story

As I prepare over this month for Christmas, I have been thinking a lot about how to teach the Christmas story to my kids.  We have tried many methods and activities and I have determined a few things: Hands on activities are best. Kids love to play games. Kids love interacting with the story. Repetition […] Read more…

Easy DIY Christmas Decor Projects

DIY Christmas Decor

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the home with some DIY Christmas decor. Creating a haven in our home is very important to me as I want others and my family to feel at ease and comfortable when they are at our home.  Over time, I have found so much joy in DIY […] Read more…

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