The perfect gift guide for elementary aged boys

Best Gifts for Elementary Aged Boys

With Christmas just around the corner, we are getting organized with our lists. As a mama to an elementary aged boy, I decided to put together the top ten gift ideas (with the help and inspiration from my son). If you are hunting for a gift for an elementary aged boy, I hope this gift guide will provide some direction for you! 

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Teaching your kids the real meaning of the Christmas story in a hands on way. Christmas nativity for kids

A Practical Way to Teach the Christmas Story

As I prepare over this month for Christmas, I have been thinking a lot about how to teach the Christmas story to my kids.  We have tried many methods and activities and I have determined a few things: Hands on activities are best. Kids love to play games. Kids love interacting with the story. Repetition […] Read more…

Easy DIY Christmas Decor Projects

DIY Christmas Decor

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the home with some DIY Christmas decor. Creating a haven in our home is very important to me as I want others and my family to feel at ease and comfortable when they are at our home.  Over time, I have found so much joy in DIY […] Read more…

Seek justice- learn how to make a difference from home

Seek Justice

I still remember landing in India in the middle of night and getting off the plane to a completely different world. In that moment, my young heart started to beat loudly for the oppressed and more than ever I wanted to seek justice for those who were hurting.  With every trip I took overseas, the more my heart craved justice for others. But many times, I felt frustrated, because while I saw the problem, I was not sure of the solution.

Flash forward to the present day, and I am learning so many amazing ways that we can make a difference- right from our homes.  One of the ways is by changing up our shopping habits and the perfect time to do this is at Christmas! 

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Easy Kids Christmas Crafts-

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Every year at Christmas, we love carving out time for Christmas crafts. Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I love everything about a cute Christmas project. The kids always have so much fun and it is exciting to add different activities in each year. 

If you search “kids Christmas crafts” on Pinterest you will be overwhelmed. It is an endless assortment, so I wanted to share our top favorites from last year. These are tried and true with my crew of little ones. 

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Want an intentional christmas? Answer these four questions before christmas

4 Questions to Ask Before Christmas

As I have been sharing in this series, it is important to prepare your family for the Christmas season. Within this series, we are focusing on being intentional as a family, in our community, and in our homes. This week, will begin the focus on family. 

Before we dive into each section, I want us to think about different questions pertaining to that section. These questions can help us figure out why we do what we do. 

Whether your family consists of you and your husband or you, your husband, and children, these are questions that you need to ask yourself. 

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How to avoid Christmas burnout

Avoiding Christmas Burnout

Christmas cards, endless parties, shopping bags, wrapping paper, and so much more can quickly equal Christmas burnout. We want to do all the things during the season, but often end up over frustrated and craving the fresh New Year over relishing in the present season. 

In the years past, I have entered into mid-December exhausted and desperately seeking calm in the middle of my Christmas burnout. My heart desires to be intentional but 

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Learn how to let go of expectations at Christmas

The Hard Truth About Expectations at Christmas

Presents are wrapped and sitting perfectly with under the tree. Each gift was carefully thought out and your expectations of the reaction of the loved one opening the gift is almost overflowing. You have the perfect breakfast planned out, complete with a beautiful table set up. Christmas day will be perfect, you think to yourself.

And then it isn’t perfect.

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