Learning how we can focus on choosing grace as a parent

Choosing Grace in Our Responses

Choosing grace over anger is a natural struggle as a mom. Many times, I find myself in a tug of war of emotions as anger attempts to win over grace.

A memory of coming home with my arms full of grocery bags always comes to mind as I think of this. My arms were full of grocery bags as I entered the house, and I carefully set the bags down on the kitchen counters. As I was unloading the bags, my oldest came into the kitchen. With eager hands, he started unloading groceries along side of me. Somehow as he picked up the eggs in his earnest way, the egg carton slipped from his little hands and dropped to the floor.

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How to let go of perfect- tips to share

How to Let Go of Perfect

Over the years, I realized that I had a deep struggle with perfection. As I became a mama, I knew I needed to let go of perfect, which is, of course, easier said than done. While I know this will be an ongoing journey, I am thankful to reflect and see the steps that have been taken so far. We may never fully conquer a struggle, but we can daily take steps in the right direction.

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We are Called to Create

At the beginning of last year, a little idea started to grow in my mind.  As much as I wanted to push it away, I knew that I was called to create and move forward with this. I had to push past all the fears, and step out knowing that God has called me to share and […] Read more…

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