Today, I have the joy of having Ruthie here sharing some encouragement for when your perfect plans fail. I am sure we can all relate to that, can’t we?

As a young mama, I carefully planned out the birth order of my children, spacing them exactly two years apart.

After I had a couple, they rocked my world by being…well, children.  My original plan of having a large family fell to the wayside.  I wondered, “Can I REALLY handle more?”

After 3 years, I went for it again.  God blessed a third time, and although I was thankful, I decided to be done

Only God wasn’t.

He sent a little present the first month I accepted a part-time job outside the home.

Read the rest of the post about when our plans fail here.

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The Balanced Perspective Team

Ruthie, from Rear Release Regroup, is a momma to grown children and mentors moms to capture joy in each parenting transition. 

Sarah, from Sarah E Frazer,  is a mother of four little ones (one adopted) and invites you to study God’s Word in your ordinary day. 

Keri, from Keri Lynn Snyder,  is a momma of three who believes being intentional and choosing joy is a choice we get to make each day.

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