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When I look back at what we read in August, I see such a variety. Do any other mamas read a little bit of everything? When I look over my books from August, I see four main areas.

Four Types of Books We Read in August

Tot School Planning

I loved doing school at home with my boys and am excited to start with my daughter this fall. Right now, I am finishing up my plans. Stay tuned for lots to come on this because I do love sharing what is going on around here in hopes it can encourage and inspire you! As I plan, I continue to go back to read Homeschooling Your Preschooler as this book helped me get organized.

Blog Work

Blogging is something I am constantly learning about whether it is through a podcast or book. Currently, I have been reading How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup and am loving it. This book is extremely helpful and at the end of each chapter there is a list of things to do based on the chapter you just read. It is full of so much knowledge and I have slowly been working through it each evening.

Personal Reading

I am finally finished with Bread and Wine.  This is bittersweet because while I love to finish a book, I have adored this book. Many pages are marked as there are so many delicious recipes sprinkled through this book. I cannot wait to make some of them!

Children’s Books

Every night we spend time reading with the kids. While the boys tend to switch up their books, my daughter gets stuck on favorites. Her current favorite is That New Baby which is an old book from when I was little. The love she has for all things baby extends even into her reading!

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2 comments on “What We Read in August”

  1. I read Bread and Wine earlier this year! It was SO GOOD. Shauna cooks with more exquisite ingredients than I do (my cooking style is much more like The Pioneer Woman), but as I was reading that book, I just kept thinking to myself, “Yes! Someone else has the same philosophy of food as I do!” I love to use food as a way to gather, and I certainly think God gave us food to really enjoy. Why else would there be so much variety?! I absolutely loved that book!

    If you need a children’s book recommendation, I’m incredibly biased, but I absolutely have to share because it’s too cute and we are just in love with it – my book that I wrote with my dad called The Adventures of Pootsey the Wonderbug (! There’s a super sweet story behind the book that you’d love since you’re really into family bonding – I’ll have to share it with you sometime! – Mauri @

    • Mauri, I love that you and your dad wrote a book! I will definitely check it out!!! Yes, I am all about Shauna’s books. She is such a talented writer!

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