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I love looking over an entire room makeover in a magazine or blog post. It is always amazing and inspiring.  However, I started to realize that in real life, the process of a room makeover looks a lot different. Rooms are finished over time, as we add item by item.

It is a process.

This truth can be hard to accept, as we all want the quick and speedy approach.  Who doesn’t love Fixer Upper where you get to see rooms completely remodeled in what seems like hours. Yet, I am reminded of what real life is.

Real life has jobs, budgets, and active children. Looking at the reality of our life, means acknowledging a room maker over may take longer. And that is okay. I am learning to lean into the process and savor the little changes we make.

Today, you will get a glimpse of a real life process of a room makeover.

A room makeover for a boys' shared room and playroom- real life room makeover

It is imperfect and unfinished and I am loving it.

Over the summer we put the boys beds up into bunk beds, which created a large space for play. They were beyond excited about this change. Since our home is small and we do not have a playroom, this large space equals as their play room.

We are working on the room makeover  piece by piece. Recently, we added rug from Lorena Canals as the center point in the room. This piece serves as a focus for the overall look of the room we hope to create. Instantly, the boys love how soft the rug is and I love the natural look it gives the room.

A room makeover for a boys' shared room and playroom- real life room makeover

I have always wanted to add a rug to their room, but was hesistant. As much as I love rugs, I have been frustrated with them before because as we all know life with kids is messy. There are the inevitable spills and potty accidents. We also have a dog who is a year old and still can be prone to an accident every now and the- real life. However, the amazing thing about Lorena Canals is that they are high quality rugs and can be WASHED in a conventional washing machine!

These rugs are made for mamas.

A room makeover for a boys' shared room and playroom- real life room makeoverWhen we first moved into our home eight years ago, I painted all the walls in shades of tans. However, a couple years ago, I started repainting everything gray and a couple rooms a very light mint. The boys room is the last to paint and will be done this fall/winter.

When I work on embracing the process of a room makeover, I learn to focus on what I already have, not everything I want to get.

Yes, I have my list of plans and ideas, but I am keeping the mindset of piece by piece. It is easy to fixate on what you do not have and remain stuck there. However, when you move past it, you may be amazed to see what all you do have.

A room makeover for a boys' shared room and playroom- real life room makeover

With each new addition and upgrade to the room, we get excited to see how things are coming together. I love creating our home to be a safe haven for our family and this is all part of it. The kids see that it takes time and hard work to put things together. Simply adding something as basic as a lovely rug has brightened up the space and created a vision for what we are going for.

The room is not finished and we will continue to work on it piece by piece.   Along the way, I will share our little additions to the room and how we are enjoying the process.

A room makeover for a boys' shared room and playroom- real life room makeover

Friends, I share all of this to remind you to embrace the real, messy life.

Perfect is overrated. Room makeovers can be a process and take time.  You do not have to rush or focus on making everything perfect. Savor and embrace the process and have fun along the way.

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  1. I am totally on the same page! We moved into our home in May 2016, and I still have a bunch of bare walls and spaces, because there is only so much time! I wanted a cozy and homey space for our kids and that’s what we have. The rest will fill in over time and that’s fine with me!

  2. LOVE this post! Often times we see the before and after, but very rarely do we see the inbetween process of what it looks like as it’s being transformed. Love your transparency in this post!

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