Running errands as a mama are inevitable. They have to happen. It makes sense for me to run errands when my boys are in school, as I just have my toddler daughter with me. However, all mamas know that running errands with a toddler is not always the easiest task. 

After a particularly challenging excursion, I decided it was time to implement some change. I knew it was the most practical to run errands with one child versus three, so I just needed to figure out a better game plan. 

My solution was to provide my daughter with her own little tote bag for our errands. As I was working on this idea, I was introduced to the Mini Market Tote plus the Market Tote from Urban Southern. Immediately, I saw this as the perfect solution. 

The Mini Market Tote is just what my toddler needs to carry all of her errand running essentials.

My daughter loved the idea as she loves anything like mama. Her little tote bag has been filled with such an assortment of items so far- from books to dolls to treasures she finds along the day. Suddenly, errands are not as stressful because she has her own little survival bag.  

Want to try this idea? Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Find the right bag (we are loving the Mini Market Tote currently)
  • Keep it near the door and ready to use
  • Ask your little one what they should put in the bag
  • Allow them to bring it into the store 
  • I do not know what is so magical about this idea but it works every time. Toddlers do love having a sense of “control” so I think it helps them feel like they have a choice in the idea. 

I do not know what is so magical about this idea but it works! Kids love to feel a sense of control and have choices, so this is small way you can provide a choice. 

Do you have any tips for running errands with kids? 

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