This school year has been full of new transitions for our family. With both of the boys at school now, it is just my daughter and I at home. We are learning new rhythms and I am starting to see what a sweet season this is.

There is something so special and beautiful about the quality time that we spend with our little ones. I have realized how quickly time does fly by and it has caused me to slow down.  My goal is always to be intentional with my children, so that has urged on my love for quality time with my kids.

My daughter soaks up quality time. There are countless times throughout the day that she looks up at me with her big brown eyes and asks, “Want to play mommy?”

In this new season, I am choosing to say yes more. The funny this that saying yes, is so simple. It does not involve a lot, just my time and attention.

Recently, we spent the morning playing with her dolls and puppies and having a little picnic together. We filled up her lunchbox and gathered all her little friends together and headed to her bedroom since it was a rainy day.  In the past, I would have indoor picnics with the boys all the time, so it is fun to continue this tradition with her.

We laughed, pretended to feed her babies, and enjoyed our little indoor picnic. She is all about pretend play these days, so having an inside picnic was the perfect thing for her! It is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind and a constant reminder to say yes more to her and my other children.

What about you? Are you saying yes to your little ones? I know it is hard at times. The to do list is constantly calling out, isn’t it? Trust me, the more you say yes, the easier it gets.

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