I still remember landing in India in the middle of night and getting off the plane to a completely different world. In that moment, my young heart started to beat loudly for the oppressed and more than ever I wanted to seek justice for those who were hurting.  With every trip I took overseas, the more my heart craved justice for others.

But many times, I felt frustrated, because while I saw the problem, I was not sure of the solution.

Flash forward to the present day, and I am learning so many amazing ways that we can make a difference- right from our homes.  One of the ways is by changing up our shopping habits and the perfect time to do this is at Christmas! 


“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”
Isaiah 1:17

This verse encompasses so much for me. It is the perfect anthem for my family. We are called to seek justice and correct oppression. When we view this as a whole, it can be extremely overwhelming.  However, when we break it down into practical steps we see how it can be done.

As I have been looking at alternate options for items, I have interacted some with Fashion & Compassion. They are a non-profit organization located in Charlotte, North Carolina and donate all net proceeds back to their ministry partners to help the artisans do things like overcome addictions, earn an income, transition into full-time employment, further their education, and feed their kids.

Seek justice- learn how to make a difference from home

They mainly sell jewelry, but also sell a selection of handcrafted leather goods.

Recently, they shared this with me:

“In the last three years, we’ve had the privilege of donating over $200,000 and that money has been used to purchase a safe-house for human trafficking survivors in Ecuador, care for & educate 12 abandon children in Ethiopia, train upcoming leaders in Central Africa, start a school for the blind in Rwanda & start micro-business training in Uganda.”

How incredible is it that you can be a part of this outreach just by choosing to buy your jewelry from them?!

It is such a small thing and yet life changing for the artisans.

One of my current favorite necklaces is from Fashion & Compassion. While I love the design and color, I love the story behind it most of all. 

Seek justice- learn how to make a difference from home

Friends, many of us buy so many things.

Without even blinking an eye, our carts are filled. We never think about the story of these items do we? And yet, there is always a story- to every piece.

Many times we want to see immediate change. Countless times, I have tried to change everything at once. However, when I attempt to do this, I get overwhelmed and frustrated. We do not have do a complete overhaul on all our shopping, but we can start with one thing. By taking small intentional steps, we can start to chip away at things.

Will you join me? Together, we can seek justice, right from our homes, for those who may not have a way.

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