Sometimes there are those days. The days when you need to be speaking truth to yourself but instead may be drowning in struggles. Nothing seems to be going right. You are tired from a sleepless night. With a weary body, you attempt to move through the day. However, with each aching step, your heart cracks a little more.

It may be struggles with parenting, within your marriage, financial strain, family issues, or friendship drama. No matter what it is, you feel alone and like you are failing in every way.

Trials such as these can leave you feeling stranded and alone.

From your couch, you scroll social media and become even more convinced that you are the only one.

Thoughts spin through your mind: I am such a bad mom. Why does her marriage look so amazing? How do they afford to do all of those things? Why is their family so connected?

The questions pile and pile, leaving you feeling more alone and more like a failure

Have you ever been there? I know I have and it is not a pretty space to be in.

In these moments, more than ever we need to be speaking truth to ourselves.

Reality is that the enemy wants a mama to feel this way. He wants her to be isolated and convinced she is the only one.

Here is the truth, mama. You are not the only one.

Everyone has struggles. The struggles may vary and no one’s story is the same, but we all have trials we walk through.

You are not the only one.

When it feels like nothing’s going right and you are all alone, it is the time to cover yourself in truth. Replace the lies with truth. The more you practice this, the more natural it will become.  This week, start speaking truth to yourself and watch to see what a difference it will make.

How to start speaking truth to yourself

Here are a few tips to get you started on speaking truth to yourself:

Read the Word

Get into your BIble. It is as simple as that. Read Phillipines or Ephesians and read it every single day.

Write the Word

One way to start to step forward into truth is to have a list of verses to read when the lies try to invade. My husband has a spiral bound notebook of little note cards that have verses on them. He carries this with him so he is prepared for these moments.

Speak truth to others.

Something amazing happens when you speak truth to others, suddenly you start to feel filled yourself. Make it a regular habit to cover your friends in kindness and love. This can be as simple as sending a quick text or a card.

My friend, you are amazing. Remember that. Your kids, your marriage, your finances, your family does not define you. None of it does. You are a daughter of God and a chosen one.

How do you focus on speaking truth to yourself?

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4 comments on “Speaking Truth to Yourself”

  1. Hi Keri. Our enemy wants us to feel so alone so we don’t reach out to others, to God, or think we are loveable. But we are never the only one feeling this way. I find speaking the truth to others is one of my biggest helpers in my life. Seeing my child discouraged and speaking the truth to him always reminds me of the truth and the truth of the truth. Speaking the truth to a friend, reminds me also. Sometimes I think it helps me more. It reminds me of when we teach someone something, say math, we begin to understand what we are teaching them better and in a different manner.

    • I agree, every single time I am speaking truth to my kids, I remember how I need to be doing the same to myself. The enemy wants us isolated, and we must fight against that. Thank you for sharing!

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