Just as every January sends me into full force goal setting, every March sends me into spring cleaning mode. As the weather warms up, my windows crack open to let in the warm breezes. As I open the windows, I always am suddenly more aware of the dirty baseboards or clutter piling up in the corner. Without fail, within an hour I am off to Pinterest searching for the best spring cleaning guide.

The best spring cleaning tips plus resource


While there are many great spring cleaning guides, I always end up a little overwhelmed. Spring cleaning with three little kids usually does not result how I would wish. At first, I struggled a lot with this and then I started to learn a few tips that helped me.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Busy Moms

1. Determine what type of spring cleaning schedule will work. Some years, I like to do a little each day and other years I have decided to clean in bigger zones. Your schedule will be unique to you.

2. Involve your kids. My older two have been doing regular chores this past year, and I plan to involve them in spring cleaning this year. We make it fun and it is great teaching them these practical skills.

3. Give yourself grace. Friends, if your current season is full of a lot, let go of spring cleaning. Maybe it is not meant to be right now and that is okay. Hire someone to do it for you- there is no shame in that! Doing that may allow you freedom to invest more fully into something else. Know yourself and your limits.

These three tips help me get off on the right foot with spring cleaning. 

With my love for spring cleaning, I am very excited to be a part of a Spring Cleaning Email Series with Jennifer, Ruthie, and Emily. We are going to tackle more than just spring cleaning your home. Join us as we go through spring cleaning your mornings, minds, menus, and homes. 

Spring cleaning tips for you and how you can clean more than your home!

This is a 4 week email series and there will be two emails a week- that is it! We know you are all busy and want to keep things manageable and practical! You will receive a Motivation Monday Email and a Follow Up Friday Email. I cannot wait to follow along with the series myself, because I know I will learn so much from these ladies. I look forward to you joining me in this! Just sign up and get ready to join us as we go through the ultimate spring cleaning guide!

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