One of the biggest struggles we all have is time management. We all seek to be intentional with our days and yet it seems like it never happens. Our closets are stacked with half used planners and notepads scribbled with lists. Baskets of old hobbies clutter the corners of our homes, as we wish for the days when we had “more time.”

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in saying, “One day, when the kids are older, I will have more time and then I will do this or that.” However, when one day comes it once again gets moved just a little further down the path.

Personally, I can relate. Oftentimes, I have found myself claiming that when the kids are potty trained or in school, then I will have more time. However, over time I am realizing that is a lie. Because when that magical time comes, new challenges arise and once again we are wishing for more time.

Friends, we are never going to be intentional with our days if we keep doing the same thing. Something has to change and today I am going to share with you 3 tips to help you be intentional every day.

1) Determine your yes and no. In the book, Bittersweet, Shauna Niequist shares how she made a list of what she says yes to and what she says no to. I absolutely loved this idea when I read it and instantly created my lists. Here is the thing, each of us are going to have a different list of things we say yes to and things we say no to. It all depends on what our seasons are, what are gifts and callings are. Some of my things on my yes list: spending time in our backyard, date nights with husband, eating dinner as a family. Some of the things on my no list: attending every play date, helping at school.  Determining your yes and no will help you to create time to be intentional because your days will no longer be cluttered with the unnecessary.

2) Make a plan. I am an obsessive planner and list maker, although I am learning to have some grace in my plans, because life rarely goes as expected. Even if you are not a planner, writing down a general plan can be so helpful. It does not have to be extremely detailed. I know some people have certain days they do specific things.

For example: Monday: Laundry Tuesday: Errands. Personally, I like to have three main goals a day. These can be family, personal, or work based. I write these down and if they are accomplished, I move onto my master list. It is such a helpful method as I go about planning my days. I find that when I do this, I am able to be intentional in how I plan out my days. When I look ahead at a week, I can plan when we can have family night, date night, etc because I am thinking ahead.

3) Be you. In a world where we can constantly be inspired by others via social media, we can also quickly lose focus. I can start my day focused and with a plan, and then thanks to one Instagram post wonder if I am doing enough? Am I spending enough time with the kids? Am I spending too much time? Suddenly, our minds are  flurry of questions. In these moments, I have to remind myself to pull the brakes and put a stop to those thoughts. I can cheer on others via social media and I can be encouraged and inspired and I can do this all while being confident in who I am and what I am called to do. Do not let others steer you off your path, stand steady and strong running the race with your eyes straight ahead. 

As you do these three things, I think you will find that you will be able to be more intentional with your days. One of the greatest habits that has helped me to be intentional is setting goals and every month I commit to sharing these with you. If you share your goals on your blog, please join in! If not, please go ahead and comment below with one goal for the month! 

Being intentional does not have to be hard. Here are 3 tips to help you!


Due to sickness that abounded here, there was a lot of grace this month!


  • Read 1 fiction book- Not really fiction but I read The Magnolia Story, which I loved so check!
  • Continue reading The Broken Way– Check!
  • Put together Project Life for month- This did NOT happen yet!
  • Date Night (one in home, one out of home)- Check!
  • One on one time with kids- Check!
  • Add one item to the shop– This did NOT happen!


  • Family night on Tuesdays- Not always Tuesdays, but check!
  • Run 3 times a week/Weights 3 times a week- Goodness no! I did the best I could with all my sickness.
  • Social Media Free Weekends- Check!
  • Connect with friends whether play date or night out- Check!


  • Continue my daily Bible reading (using this plan)- Check!
  • Put the phone down 6-8pm- Mostly Check!
  • Connect with Nick (Marriage More sends out so many good tips for practical encouragement for marriage!).- Check!
  • Drink water- Check!
  • Eat veggies at every meal- Nope! I need to work on this one!




  • Family night on Tuesdays
  • Run 3 times a week/Weights 3 times a week
  • Social Media Free Weekends- Check!
  • Check in on Sundays with my husband on what we are learning in our quiet time


  • Continue my daily Bible reading (using this plan)
  • Put the phone down 6-8pm
  • Encourage my husband
  • Write down 3 things I am grateful for
  • Eat veggies at every meal

How about you? Do you make goals?  Will you choose to be intentional with your goals?

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