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Over the years, I have been trying to focus more on choosing intentional stocking stuffer ideas for my kids. In the past, I had just thrown a bunch of junk into the stockings. Which would result in me being annoyed later about all of the clutter.  Now, I try to think of practical stocking stuffer ideas that will fill a need and not just be a space filler.

Since I shared a toddler gift guide, I figured it was fitting to also share some unique stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers. These will get you thinking about all of the fun ideas there are for stockings.

Unique stocking stuffers for toddlers, toddler stocking stuffer ideas


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Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Toddlers are always in need of a new cup. This is the perfect time of the year to throw out an old cup and add in a new one. One of our favorite cups for toddlers is the 3D Wonder Cup. This cup is brilliant as it eliminates the straw and is a great way to start training kids to drink from a regular cup.

Fruit Pouch & Holder

Most toddlers love the fruit pouches. We started adding these to stockings and it has been a great alternative to the typical candy stocking stuffer. This year, I plan to add in a Flipping Holder. We love using these! It makes eating the fruit pouch so easy.  If you plan to grab a Flipping Holder, make sure to use the code Keri20 to get 20% off any Flipping Holder purchase at LCeeeDesigns.

Hair Clips

For a little girl, hair clips are the perfect addition to a stocking! My daughter loves the clips from Josie Joan’s. You could put a few sets into the stocking. These are a fun addition for the basic stocking.

Popcorn Popping Ear

As a fun snack stocking stuffer idea, I love to add in a popping ear from Freeday Popcorn. These are so fun and fit perfectly into a stocking!

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Chalk & Chalkboard

Adding in a fun creative idea is always a great idea for stockings. Currently, I am adoring the chalk from Twee. It is absolutely adorable and unique. We also love traceable chalkboards from Chalk Full of Design. Anyway I can add in some learning with play I will take! While the chalkboard will not fit in the stocking, you can place it by the stocking.


I love the idea of adding in some fun socks to the stocking. The best part is that if you buy a pack you can roll up each pair individually to add to the stocking. My daughter adores the Tiny Captain Socks. The colors are bright and there is a non-skid bottom which is perfect for toddlers. There are options for boys as well! Hint: Make sure to hop over to Instagram to see a giveaway for your own set of toddler socks! 

I hope this gave you some unique stocking stuffer ideas for your toddler!  

What about you? What stocking stuffer ideas do you have to share?

Take time now to shop for the stocking stuffer ideas in this list:

Hair Clips // Fruit Pouch and Holder // Socks // Popping Ear // Chalk and Chalkboard // 3D Wonder Cup


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  1. Ummmm that pouch holder is brilliant! Where was that a year ago when my toddler was squeezing sludge all over herself!
    I think we’re going to do some fruit snacks and some sticker sheets for her too!

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