With summer quickly approaching, I have been working on putting together a list of summer activities for kids to have on hand. As much as I love summertime, boredom hits, without fail, every summer. I have found having a list of ideas for either inside or outside to be extremely helpful.

Using the summer activities for kids list, I am able to have some plans without having things planned down to every last-minute. There are some days where we may not need to use the list, but when we are in search of something fun to do, these ideas come to our rescue!

I have organized the ideas into “inside” and “outside” categories. At the end of the post, you will find a link to get your own printable copy of this list to have on hand!

50 Summer Activities for Kids to help you beat boredom!


1. Watch a movie with popcorn
2. Make tents.
3. Play restaurant.
4. Create something with art.
5. Write a story.
6. Make puppets and a puppet show.
7. Build a Lego zipline.
8. Bake cookies.
9. Play with play dough or make your own!
10. Play with baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring.
11. Make salt dough creations.
12. Make a catapult.
13. Create mini lanterns.
14. Camp inside.
15. Make popsicle.
16. Make rockets.
17. Color a Lego person.
18. Make popsicle tents.
19. Play with straw rockets.
20. Create bug fossils.
21. Play balloon tennis.
22. Make toilet paper roll octopus.
23. Color a picture and cut it so it makes a puzzle.
24. Turn on music and dance!
25. Make cards for the grandparents or a friend.

Summer Activities for Kids- Let go of boredom with these fun inside and outside activities + free printable list


1. Play with ice balloons.
2. Paint with ice.
3. Make bubble snakes.
4. Go on a nature hunt try this fun printable.
5. Have a water balloon fight.
6. Make bird feeders.
7. Paint rocks.
8. Go on a bug hunt.
9. Make an obstacle course.
10. Make your own sidewalk chalk paint.
11. Play with big bubbles.
12. Make a stick raft.
13. Draw monsters or other fun creations on the sidewalk.
14. Create a race track using chalk.
15. Play with cloud dough.
16. Rescue Lego ice men.
17. Have a scavenger hunt.
18. Play alphabet bug spray.
19. Make ice volcanoes.
20. Play in pool or sprinkler.
21. Make ice boats.
22. Play with magical alphabet letters.
23. Do a car wash with little cars.
24. Make a tin foil river.
25. Lay a blanket outside and read in the shade.

Grab your free printable below for 50 Summer Activities. Hang it on your fridge or in your command center. Have fun!

50 summer activities for kids- plus free printable

What summer fun activities would you add to the list?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I am looking for fun stuff for the summer so this is handy.

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