4 Must Read Books

Currently, I have an ever growing list of must read books. I love reading fiction, but I have also loved reading non fiction, especially the ones that weave personal story with practical truth. This past month, I have been reading a couple books because of being on their launch teams. I also am continuing to […] Read more…

What Our Family is Reading

With summer in full force, we are enjoying some extra reading time as a family. Lately, it has been really fun to see my oldest diving deeper into reading. I know it can be hard to think of book ideas, so today I wanted to share what our family is reading. There is quite a […] Read more…

Sharing Friday Favorites from the Week

Friday Favorites: Summer Tips

Yay for Friday and a long weekend! It is time to share with you all some Friday favorites. Today I have a mixture of all things related to school ending, summer tips, plus some favorites from other bloggers. Whether it is a favorite product, blog post, or moment, I love to share the joy with […] Read more…

The best books to read this summer- 10 books for summer reading for moms

Summer Reading for Moms

As we approach summer, I am already thinking about soaking in some summer reading. While summer reading for moms definitely looks different than summer reading pre-kids, it can still happen. There was a season that I spent a lot of time nursing a baby and reading a book. In another season, I read every night […] Read more…

Favorite Books for Toddlers

Favorite Books for Toddlers

Reading is a favorite hobby around here and part of our bedtime routines.  We have been implementing more of a bedtime routine for our toddler in preparation for her switch to a big girl bed. During our reading time, she has started to have a collection of favorite books. It is really fun to see […] Read more…

Teaching Your Kids Through Books

Whenever I can find a book that has practical lessons within in it, I usually really love it. Teaching your kids through books about kindness, sharing, love, etc is a great visual. My kids always seem to listen a little more and pick up on things when we share in story form. 

Recently, I was given the book Same Kind of Different as Me and read it with my boys. Right away, I loved the message of this book as it encourages children to embrace everyone.  We have had some conversations about loving others no matter the differences and how to look out for others so this book connected perfectly with our oldest son. I could tell throughout the story that he felt empathy towards the characters of the book and enjoyed the overall story. 

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Current favorite books- must read!

My Current Favorite Books

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Sitting with a cup of coffee, reading one of my current favorite books is the setting for a perfect afternoon. While I may not read as much as I used to pre-kids (unless you count Curious George and Pete the Cat), reading is still extremely important to me.

I have learned that no matter how busy you are, you make time for what is important. Since reading is a favorite thing, I make time for it. 

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