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One of my goals as a mom, is to constantly point my kids to truth. How do you teach your kids about God in an ever changing world? As my kids have grown, I am learning it is easier than I realize. Sometimes, we tend to make a bigger deal out of things than they really are.

Teaching our kids about God can be done in natural, every day steps. There is no perfect formula and everyone will have different resources and rhythms. However, when we start out with these three steps, we can set the foundation for our kids to learn about God.

Lead by example

I know I say this all the time, but that is because I need to hear the reminder all the time. Our kids are watching us. They observe more than we realize about our daily habits and routines. Sometimes, I am so surprised at what my kids can pick up on. Last year, my husband really started reading his Bible with purpose and intention. As his reading turned from just learning the facts to a relationship, our kids observed him making God a priority. Over time, we started noticing our oldest reading his Bible. One day he even asked for a notebook to write verses in, just like Dad.

We did not tell our son to read his Bible or to write verses. He simply learned this by watching his dad. This has been a constant reminder to me of the power of our actions.

Provide your child with a Bible

This is a super simple and practical tip. If we want to teach our kids about God, we need to provide the tools for this to happen. There are countless children’s Bibles out there. We have had our favorites as our kids have grown. Currently, my oldest is reading a regular verse Bible as he likes to look up verses. However, my other son is loving his Action Storybook Bible.

If you have a little guy who loves action, this Bible will immediately draw him in. My oldest used this Bible when he was younger and it has been fun to see my other son gravitate towards the same Bible. The pictures grab their attention, and the Heroes of Faith section is always a favorite.

Once you give your child a Bible, you can naturally weave reading it into your daily routine. Our favorite way to do this is to read it together every evening right before bed. It is an easy way to start introducing the Bible, and over time you will see your child continue this habit.

Talk about God in your daily moments

You do not need to reserve God to Bible reading time and Sundays. Invite God into your every day moments. Teach your kids about God by talking about Him as you go about your days. This can be as simple as commenting on the yellow flowers God created or reminding your child that they are created uniquely by God.

Use family dinners to work through your family guide and talk about stories from the Bible as you go about your days. It is in these simple, every day moments that the life changing conversations and lessons can take place.

How to teach your kids about the Bible, Tips to help teach your kids about the Bible


Action Steps to Take: 

  1. Where are your actions leading your kids today?
  2. Provide your child with a Bible and implement reading it into your daily rhythms.
  3. Talk about God in your every day life.

What tips would you share? How do you teach your kids about God?

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4 comments on “3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About God”

  1. My guys loved the Action Story Bible! One thing that we do with our guys is send out a text or email with a specific Bible passage to read. They are to read on it all week in their quiet time and then we discuss a different aspect of it each night during family devotions. Since our boys’ ages range from 7 to 14 it’s difficult to get something to meet everyone where they are, but this seems to really help. Thanks so much for posting this. Pinning for sure!

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