It is such a joy to have Chelsie here sharing with us about how to teach your kids to value others. When she shared about this idea with me over coffee, I was instantly intrigued. I love hearing tips for parenting and building a strong family and this is definitely one of them! 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kids say the darndest things.”? Many people are familiar with the show named after this that came out in the mid 90’s. Did you ever see it? If you have, then you know it’s absolutely hilarious. It was a show filled with a compilation of videos featuring little kids caught in the moment answering questions and responding with the most darndest, cutest things.

As parents we understand this to a T. Our kids say the darnedest things don’t they? As our children get older they begin to understand the weight of what they say and do and how it can affect people. Sometimes it’s the cutest, most sweetest thing to witness.

Just recently we met some friends at a coffee shop and my son Makai had the most “darndest”, cutest moment.

“I am going to show you value by giving you a hug.” Makai said to one of my friends. She quickly obliged and looked at tad bit confused. I then explained to her, “This is partly Makai’s articulate personality but as of lately we’ve been discussing ways to show people value and this is his attempt. Makai likes to not only show people value but tell people as he is doing it.”

We both laughed, but as I walked away that day I was one proud mama.

Showing people value is something that my husband and I just heard from a conference. We listened to a talk by John C. Maxwell where he encouraged leaders to add value to people by doing little things everyday that make people feel important and loved because the world needs it.

It was very simple and practical and it got us thinking, what if we taught our kids this idea? What would begin to happen if our kids showed value to those around them?

As we sat down with the kids later that night and shared this idea of showing people value, their eyes got big and wide. A light bulb went off. They were so cute as they began to share small ways to show value to others. We had to say no to a few things that were absurd and hilarious but they essentially got the idea! They came up with the following…

Open doors for others.

Smile at someone.

Say “hello” or “have a good day” to someone.

Give hugs (but not to strangers).

Help someone carry something.

Share toys.

Say please and thank you.

Say something nice to someone.

This has become a new, fun family tradition of ours and it has been successful! Every day before we head out or while we drive we ask our boys, “What we can do to show people value today?”

It’s amazing to hear what our kids say but then to see the result is captivating. Our kids even ask us now at bedtime if they showed value that day.

Earlier this week we dropped the kids off at school and one of our boys casually mentioned  he was going to show his teacher value. It caught us by surprise because it was his idea. It was a special moment for us because we knew our son finally understood the value in what he was doing. He was going to do something to put a smile on his teacher’s face.

I encourage you today to try this out with your kids.  Talk about it as a family and go from there. This may be a work in progress so give your children time but maybe just maybe it will becomes a joyous task they will love to do.

As parents, not only can we lead by example but when our children begin to show value to others it creates a ripple effect of change. One that sometimes only they can meet. This ripple effect can take place in their schools, at the playground, or visits to the library. It is inspiring and contagious.

We can raise the next generation to be world changers. A group of kids & young adults who believe that kindness, a smile, and nice gestures can leave a huge impressionable imprint on the lives around us.

What does it look like for your family to show people value? Talk about it and watch the spark ignite in your children.

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Chelsie would love to connect with you. You can find her at her little place, Life Planted Here where she encourages people to bloom where they are planted. She is a church planter’s wife and mom of two boys and they live in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.

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