Easter is such an important day to our family.  It is a time that we want to be intentional in what we are teaching kids about Easter.

When I saw Star from Afar was releasing a tool for teaching kids about Easter, I was beyond excited! After receiving the Easter Story Egg, I am even more thrilled to use this tool with my kids.


The best tool to teach kids about Easter

We spent some time looking it over outside last week, and the kids were eager with excitement over it! Right away I could tell that it was going to be a hit with our kids.

The best tool to use to teach kids about Easter


Three Reasons Why We Love This

1) Hands On- Kids love to hold things in their hands. Anytime I find a teaching tool that is hands on, I am always willing to give it a try. My kids curiosity was perked as they opened each part of the egg to reveal more and more of the story.

Teaching kids about Easter


2) All in One- Everything you need is right in the kit. You do not need to purchase more items or make anything. As a mom of three, I am becoming more and more appreciative of simple teaching tools. Plus, The Easter Story Egg can easily be stored when it is not being used!

How to celebrate Easter as a family


3) Biblical- When I share a story from the Bible with my kids using a tool, I always want to make sure that it is sound. There is a book that you read as you go through this and it is all very solid and easy for kids to connect with.

Teaching kids about Easter


The Easter Story Egg seems to attract all three of my kids’ attention, capturing their attention at different levels. I love how Star from Afar connected the love of Easter Eggs with the story of Jesus. It really is a win all around and we cannot wait to have family nights as we go through the story!

Teaching kids about Easter


The Easter Story Egg kicks off the story on Palm Sunday which is April 9th.

Natalie was so gracious to partner with me in a GIVEAWAY of the Easter Story Egg! Head on over to Instagram today to enter! Giveaway ends Friday March 10th at 8pm EST. Giveaway Closed!

Teaching kids about Easter


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