There is something completely freeing about being in my thirties.  In reflective moments, I find myself wondering what I would tell my twenty year old self.  Some things seem so insignificant now and other things I hold closer.  Over time I have grown. The trials have strengthened me, by God’s grace and I know they will continue to do so.

All of the experiences so far in my life have shaped who I am today. As I think of that, it is hard to want to change anything. However, there are still some things that I would want to tell my twenty year old self.

(1) It is okay to say no to things.

(2) Take time to wash your face every night.

(3) Friendships will and can change. Look for those who encourage you and invest in those friendships.

(4) Life is too short for drama. We always have a choice- choose to walk away from drama.

(5) Remember you are not alone. Everyone is struggling with something.

(6) Laugh every single day. When we get too serious, the joy gets zapped from our days.

(7) Carve out time to rest every single day. Whether it is sitting for 1o minutes in the sun or laying down on the couch. Rest your weary self.

(8) Savor the moments of life. There is no need to rush through life, instead slow down so you can take in what is around you.

(9) Choose to embrace the messiness of life.

(10) There is always time for what we love to do. It all comes down to how are we spending our time?

(11) Hold your plans with open hands. Our expectations can be our worst enemy. When things do not go as expected, remember that God has a bigger thing in store.

(12) Some days are really hard. People hurt us, jobs turn out wrong, and life happens. It is okay to feel sad and disappointed.

(13) Forgive others and choose to love deeply.

(14) Drink water, enjoy good chocolate, and delicious food.

(15) Everything will be okay because God is holy and that is all that matters.

(16) Laugh with your husband, talk every day, and never stop dating each other.

20 Lessons to tell my twenty year old self

(17) You are an amazing mom, even when your kids are acting crazy.

(18) Beauty radiates from within.

(19) Chasing perfection will only lead to overwhelm.

(20) Be yourself. You are uniquely made and full of so much passion for a reason. Dream big and step out.

What about you? What would you add to this list to tell your twenty year old self?

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11 comments on “What I Would Tell my Twenty Year Old Self”

  1. Yes to all! Number 8, 9 and 10 15, 16, 17— I can’t even choose which spoke to me most because they ALL do and I’m in my forties! I wish I could always remember that everything will be OK because God is holy and that is all that matters.

    • Thanks Valerie, I agree when it comes down to it I just need to remember that. I think I need to have it written on a card I carry everywhere!

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! Nodding my head again and again! This is a great list, Keri. Wouldn’t it be such a game changer if all young women would embrace these truths? Thank you so much for sharing this hope at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • It really would be Lori! It definitely makes me think about the power of mentors and having women ahead of us that pour into us and women behind us that we pour into. Have a wonderful night

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