With a brand new year, we are continuing with our focus on connecting as a family as we focus on the power of words this month. Lately, I have been reminded over and over again about how necessary our family time is. 

Having two children who are in school now, we are starting to have more conversations about the language that we use and do not use. Honestly, it has been challenging at times. There were moments where I wanted to pull the boys out of school and keep them home forever, but then I stopped myself as God gently reminded me that He has a plan.

It is a beautiful plan and these hard parts, these messy moments of parenting, are all part of the plan.

Instead of being frustrated and throwing my hands up in defeat, I am determined to dig in and continue more then ever to pour into our kids. My family is my mission field, so I will focus and be intentional.

Teach your kids the power of words using these simple activities- free printables

One of the ways we are intentional is by having our regular family connection time.

We use the monthly family connection guides and focus on a different topic or character trait a month. Some months we are more focused than others. Most family nights contain some tears and reminders to take turns, and use kind words. However, instead of letting the hard things keep us from these moments, we are pressing on with the time.

Reality is that if we keep waiting for the perfect moment to have a family night, it will never happen. There will be tantrums, busy nights, and other distractions there.  Therefore, wee have to make the time even with these challenges. 

For January, our focus is on the power of words. Over the course of this month we are going to be reminded of the power of our words.

If you would like to join us, make sure to grab your free family connection guide! In the guide you will receive plans for family nights along with printables for the simple activities. There will also be a verse for you to focus on as a family and display in your home,  This month you can focus on the power of words with us or focus on one of the other traits. 

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