Today, we have the pleasure of having Natalie from Families for Families sharing about the reality of summer! 

Well its here again. Summertime. And while I always seem to have grandiose ideas of fun, exciting, challenging and memorable things I want to do with my kids over our summer break, they dont seem to happen. The reality of summer for me is, I love the idea of summer bucket listbut it isnt practical to our daily life. Maybe one day we can load up the car on a whim and hit up water parks or float a riverjust not today.

So I need a plan. Yes, I need a plan to have fun and be intentional with my kids.

A little over a year ago an idea began growing in my heart.  I wanted to have a plan that works within the reality of our everyday life. I knew this plan had to include teaching my kids about others around the world as well as incorporate a doing for otherspiece. After many conversations and much prayer, Families for Families was born. I finally had my plan!

Families for Families- encouraging famiilies

Families for Families (FFF) is a totally free newsletter designed to help you talk to your kids about families that live in East Africa easily! A quarterly focus and scripture reference are included, as well as, conversation starters and resources to make this simple to actually accomplish within the limits of your familys particular season of life!

At the end of the newsletter, there are ideas for a Love and Serve Dayproject. Projects can be a family kickball tournament, popsicle stands, lemonade stands, homemade dog treats, yard sales or car washes! The sky is the limit because once you get your kids involved, their little imaginations will take off! Whatever money you raise from your Love and Serve Day project, simply donate online through Families for Families to make a giant impact on families in East Africa. Together we can combine our small offerings to do BIG good for families across the globe!

The reality of summer- sharing tips to help you make a plan for summer!

So now that I have a plan, how can I make this summer fun and still intentional?

Download the newsletter.

Its easy and free and totally online. Nothing to print and lose!

Involve your kids!

Read the family spotlight story one evening instead of your normal book.

Talk to your kids about how you are more alike than different.

While youre driving to the grocery store or the pool, ask you kids what it looks like to live on purpose(the theme for the Qtr 2 newsletter).

Watch one of the suggested movies for family movie night.

Talk about the purpose of the characters.

Love and Serve Day project time!

See what your kids come up with on their own! Would they be interested in hosting a lemonade stand so the proceeds can be donated? Earlier this year my daughter decided to make homemade dog treats out of peanut butter and sell them to anyone with a fur baby! You will be surprised at how memorable it is to love and serve families in East Africa through simple, kid-friendly projects here at home. And how many people in your own community want to participate with you!

Families for Families is gathering people during the week of June 25th through July 1st for our first ever Love and Serve Week! We want as many families as possible to connect with FFF.  The families can participate in a Love and Serve project or activity! Talk to your friends and kids. See what interests everyone. Work together to have fun for a great cause! Follow along on social media for tips, ideas and stories and dont forget to tag us #LoveandServeWeek2017.

Pssttt… Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we have a huge Thriving Summer Giveaway! One lucky reader will win 7 items and one of the items is a Lemonade Stand Kit from Natalie! 

About Natalie:

Natalie is a believer, wife and momma living just outside of Atlanta, GA.  She grew up with no idea of the bigger world and when she became a momma, she realized she wanted more for her own children.  Families for Families was born from her desire to not just teach her kids about families around the globe but also serve with her kids in easy, kid-friendly ways.  Families for Families is a free resource designed to equip and encourage families to have conversations with their kids, learn together and serve families in East Africa.

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8 comments on “The Reality of Summer”

  1. I hear you on the summer idea vs summer reality! Having a one and a half year old with 85 degree heat makes everything hard. We want to get outside, go to the beach, play at the park but really- not that easy!

    • Annie, definitely! It is so hard at that age with the heat! It does get easier, but I know that doesn’t help for now! Hope you can find some simple activities to have fun and stay cool!

  2. Wow this is an amazing idea, I have often wondered how I will get my daughter involved in causes. We definitely want her to understand how blessed she is and hat we need to share those blessings with others. Thank you for creating such an great idea!

  3. I love this resource you have created for families! My daughter is only 15 months so most of our conversations are still one-way 😉 but this is a great place to start and to think about my parenting style!

  4. This is awesome I have been looking for a way to get my kids to learn about different parts of the world and different people. It’s so important that they learn we are not the center of the universe! And ps sorry I’m just now reading this when I told you I would the other day!

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