There have been times when people ask, “How can I do it all?” We all want to do so many things and we want to do them well. We see glimpses of someone else’s life and it seems as though they are doing it all. We wonder if there is a secret to doing it all- maybe there is something we have missed. I am going to tell you today, there is a secret…

The big secret to doing it ALL is you don’t do it all.

I know you were waiting me to lay out an amazing system with 3 steps to do it all, right? Well, I am sure there are many tips and tricks to do more, but something I have learned is that we cannot possibly do it all. No one is truly doing it all and living with joy. If you are trying to do it all, you are probably exhausted, frustrated, and living a life where you constantly seek the next big idea to solve your problems.

We simply were not created to do it all.  As unique individuals, we each have wonderful and unique gifts. Each of us are going to pursue different things and focus more on different areas of life. We cannot do it all because we are not created with the ability to do it all.  Instead of striving to do it all, we can focus on a few things and do them well.

I am not doing it all. What you see here on this space and on my Instagram are just little glimpses of my life. I am not taking pictures of my kids fighting or pictures of the horribly messy bathroom after my toddler attempted to clean up.

From the outside looking in at a filtered life, it can look like all is lovely and wonderful. But trust me there are many crazy moments daily.  When we remember we are viewing a filtered life on social media, it can help us to keep things in perspective.

A few questions I ask myself, help me as I do this.

Where are my priorities?

God, Husband, Kids, the rest. That is how I strive to live. It doesn’t always happen and often my priorities get switched around. Trust me, when my priorities are in the right order, it is a good thing.

What is important in this current season?

I have 3 little kids. The house will not be perfectly clean and it is okay. Do you hear me mamas of little ones? Those fingerprints all over the windows, the crumbs under the table- they are okay. I can maintain things and train my littles along the way, but it won’t be spotless because we live here. Eating dinner as a family is important to me, so I will try to create simple dinners each evening. That is a YES on my list. Going on weekly playdates is not important to me right now, it stresses me out. So that is a NO on my list. Yes, we will randomly meet up with a friend, but it is not a MUST DO, so we don’t focus on it. Figure out what is important in your current season and then focus on that. Keep it simple and be realistic. Don’t look at your friend’s life and try to do what she is doing. We can gain ideas and insight from others, but ultimately we have to figure out what works for our families.

What feeds my soul?

I love writing and connecting with you all here. It truly feeds my soul, so it is a YES.  Coffee or wine dates with friends are just lovely and wonderful so that is a yes.  What do you love to do? Focus on one hobby to start if this is new to you. Don’t start scrapbooking, sewing beautiful things, running races, building tables all in one year. That is crazy and way too much. You will burn out. Look at your current season of life and figure out what fills you with joy.

The secret to doing it all as a mom

As we reflect on these truths, we see that we have to know who we are and what season of life we are in and then focus on that and let the rest go.  The next time you see the friend who seems to be doing it all, remember, she isn’t. Everyone has areas they let go in order to focus more on other areas.

What about you? Have you wondered this question? What feeds your soul?

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4 comments on “The Secret to Doing It All”

  1. Keri, I love that you mentioned social media! As much as I love posting pictures and seeing my friends pictures, they’re just a “filtered” version of our lives. I couldn’t agree more about having priorities. If we don’t have God’s priorities for us in the for-front of our minds, we are going to be running every which way. God bless! 💗

    • Thank you Sarah! It is hard to remember at times, isn’t it. But definitely such a good thing when we do! Thanks for stopping by today!

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