We are in our last week of school and I am gearing up for summer vacation with the kids. My goal is to thrive this summer as a mom. When I am thriving, it trickles down throughout the entire family.  Days of survival mode will still happen but hopefully I can avoid slinking into an entire season characterized by survival mode.

So how do you thrive this summer as a mom? To start out, there are three main things I try to remember! 

Let go of expectations.

One of the biggest struggles that we have as moms is our expectations. Every single mom I talk to struggles with this. Without even realizing it, we have expectations. I expect that my kids are going to love an activity and it goes horribly wrong. We plan to go to the beach and it rains. Friends, we have to learn to let go of the expectations so we can thrive this summer.

Instead of holding onto my expectations, which in all honesty, are usually pretty unrealistic, I am trying a different route. Ask yourself, what would an ideal summer day look like? Be realistic and write it down.

  • What time would you want to wake up?
  • What time would breakfast be?
  • What would you do during the day?

Asking yourself these questions, can help root out all of your unspoken expectations. Expectations are not always the enemy, but unspoken expectations are breeding ground for trouble.

Now that you have the answers written out, ask yourself what would you need to do in order to make these things happen?

For example:

Looking over my expectations, I realize one thing. It is up to me for these things to happen. My kids will follow my lead. Yes, they may fight it at times, but overall they are following what you set up. Which leads me into my next tip.

Keep a routine.

Okay, I am all about some relaxation time and I love to say goodbye to the routine at summer. However, what I mainly mean is say goodbye to the school schedule routine. We will still have a routine because my kids thrive on a routine. I love to write everything out on my summer sheets.

I can look at my expectations and make a plan from there. My goal is to spend some time each Sunday prepping for the week ahead by filling out my weekly sheet. I will have one fun activity a day- simple and fun! Need help with this? I am sharing my weekly plans with you! Just sign up for the Summer Fun email series and you will receive one email every Sunday (June 4-August 13) with your plan for that specific week. Each email will include 5 activities, supply list, and some practical encouragement. Friends, it is so simple!

Want to have fun with your kids this summer but overwhelmed by all the ideas? I can help- sign up to receive an email full of a weekly plan every Sunday during the summer! There will be a daily activity plus supply list!

Say no to things.

My final tip is that we cannot overload our schedules so much that we are jumping from camp to camp, activity to activity. Friends, there is a beauty in being still and our kids can learn this from us. In today’s society, busy is common and almost glorified. It is common for kids to be in multiple sports and activities throughout the school year and the trend lapses over into summer. Both make me cringe and want to slow down even more. Now, I know we all are called to different things, but I just want to encourage you that you do not have to do all the things this summer. You do not have to sign up your kids for every single camp this summer. You can say no and relax.

A couple years ago, a friend spoke at our Mom’s group about how many summers we have with our kids. The number is so limited. Let’s not waste them doing all the things, instead less do less so we can be together more.

Are you ready to thrive this summer? You have got this mama! And when the days are tough, because there will be those days, I am here cheering you on! Share your summer with us using #thrivingmomssummer Let’s share the good and the hard and be there for each other, reminding each other that we can thrive!

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Three tips to thrive this summer as a mom

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20 comments on “How to Thrive This Summer as a Mom”

    • It is so hard Viktoria- I am definitely a work in progress! Many days I am constantly reminding myself to let go of my unrealistic expectations and remember reality!

    • Thank you Crystal! That is so true! I picture such peace and calmness with letting go. In those moments, the best times happen! So glad you stopped by today!

  1. Great post! I like the idea of saying no to things sometimes I feel like I have to do it all! Coming home from a trip right now and we are taking some time off!

  2. Great reminders! I like the idea of taking a little time on Sunday to plan out my week. Having a basic routine helps everyone! Thanks for the reminder to cherish these times because they go by so fast!

  3. I’ve had to recognize when my expectations were off, too–sometimes that’s the thing that trips me up the most! Love these ideas, thanks for sharing!

  4. Our expectations sure can get us into trouble, can’t they? I’m not sure, yet, what mine are because we aren’t quite to summer here because school is still on, but I do know that there are many things that I want/need to get done around the house this year that I don’t get done during the school year. Thanks for the reminder to make realistic expectations.

    • Yes Rosanna! I decided to make a list for the house for the summer and shoot for 2 projects a month. We will see! Best wishes for the start of your summer!

  5. This summer I’m learning I need to be flexible. Our shifting schedule is making a normal routine impossible for the next month or so. And I have to learn to be okay with that.

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