Today I am kicking off the Thriving Mom Summer Series and I am jumping for joy with it! This has been something I have been so excited about. I love, love, love summertime but as I have shared there can be struggles too. This summer I am determined to thrive and have fun with my family. It has been fun sharing with you all and even inviting you to join me in some daily summer fun.

However, I know that we all thrive in different ways which is why I wanted to have a variety of moms share on the blog this summer. Starting next Monday you will hear from a different mom each week. She will share some tips, an honest story, or fun activities for your family. This series is a space for us to grow together and feel connected. We are all so unique and wonderful in our own ways. It is amazing what we can learn when we open up and share our stories with each other.

Also, next week as a fun way to kick off the series, I will be sharing a giveaway of my Thriving Summer Essentials. 

How am I Thriving?

Committing to doing one fun activity a day.

Instead of planning out a ton of activities, I am going to pull one activity for each day. This way I can feel like I can accomplish things and have fun!

Working as a team.

This summer, I am really focusing on teaching the kids to clean up after themselves. When they finish playing, clean it up, put their dishes in the sink, dirty laundry away, make their beds, etc. Everything is super simple and just needs a lot of repetition.

Having learning time.

Every day the kids have to read and also work on school work. Whether it is practing numbers or letters or doing a math sheet, we are doing simple practice each day.

Taking time to rest.

When my toddler naps, my boys are required to have quiet time for an hour. They can have techology during this time or read or play something quietly. During this time I can rest, read, or work on the blog.

Giving our life margin.

I love a schedule and planned weeks, but at the same time, I do not want to fill our days with so many things that we have no margin. I am seeking to give us space where we can be home or decide to go explore a park.

Making a plan every Sunday.

During the school year, I love having a day to sit and plan out the week and the same thing will happen during the summer. I am using my printables from the guide to do this and it has been so helpful so far!

What about you? How are you planning to thrive this summer?

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Have a thriving summer with the tips from the Thriving Mom Summer Series.

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