Selfishness vs Serving Others

Between marriage and parenthood, my selfishness has been more and more revealed. It is not always at the forefront of me, but it is there underneath the layers waiting. When the kids want to build just one more LEGO house, when I am angry over a silly thing, ugly selfishness bubbles up from the core.  

Of course, we are all selfish, with or without a spouse and kids, but when you are living with others, it becomes so much clearer. It is a daily practice to throw off the selfishness and replace it with a serving heart. Over time, it gets easier and it becomes second nature to serve and look out for others, but selfishness is never completely gone. 

This post contains an  Amazon Affiliate link

This post contains an  Amazon Affiliate link

As I think about my own selfishness, I am reminded to show grace to my kids when I see it creeping out from them.  Just the other day, I became frustrated over one of my kids not looking out for a sibling and I had to stop myself. In that moment, I saw a reflection of my own struggles. 

I am reminded of how I can teach them with my actions and language what it means to serve others. This is a never-ending process. We are constantly talking to our kids about looking out for others. 

Recently, a friend gave us a book, How Full is Your Bucket,  to borrow which has been helpful with this concept. Every day now, I aim to be aware of filling the buckets of my family and those around us. We are encouraging our kids to think of their siblings and classmates buckets. Creating an awareness of the feeling of others helps the serving heart begin to form. 

Over the Christmas season, we can be intentional in turning our eyes off ourselves and onto others. Naturally, my kids get excited with the presents and gift lists, but gently guiding them to  look out for others helps. As I shared yesterday, one of our favorite ways to do this is by filling the shoe boxes. We also love doing many other activities, which I will be sharing about in upcoming posts. 

Whether it is Christmas or not, we can practice turning our eyes outward. How can we encourage the friend who is hurting? How can we fill the buckets of others? 

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