I have always been an avid planner fan so I have looked everywhere for the perfect planner to organize my every day life. When I found the Simplified Planner, I knew I found a winner. Around the same time I started using the Simplified Planner, I read Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley and was sold even more. I love, love, love Emily’s message of grace. It is exactly what I need to hear as a recovering perfectionist.

The Simplified Planner falls right in line with her views and has been key to helping me organize my every day life. So, how do I use my Simplified Planner? Let’s take a closer look.

Before I share how I use my Simplified Planner on a weekly basis, I want to remind you of one thing:

Get messy.

This goes right along with letting go of perfection. Your planner is not a place for perfection. Let it get messy. Cross things off and embrace the little scribbles your toddler added to the corner. Remember, even though you have it in the planner, life happens and sometimes things change. It’s okay to cross off events and move things around. Have grace with yourself.

How I Use My Simplified Planner to Organize My Every Day Life

How I use my Simplified Planner to organize my day as a busy mom.

Every Sunday evening, I do a brain dump.

Generally, I write this in my Semikolon Notebook. A brain dump is where I just dump out everything that is running around in my mind. My latest brain dump included everything from blog posts to write to buying a dress for a wedding.

From my brain dump, I pick out 3-5 goals for the week.

I will highlight these goals in the list so they are easy to see.

During my Sunday planning time, I also go through my planner and overview what the week ahead looks like. I love that the daily version of the Simplified Planner has one page per day. When I look at a whole week spread, I get so overwhelmed but just looking at one day reminds me to stay focused.

Once I have a weekly plan, I then take time every evening to get organized for the upcoming day.

How I use my Simplified Planner to organize my day as a busy mom.

This does not have to take a lot of time, so do not feel overwhelmed by it. Every evening, I will sit down and look at the day ahead and write a to do list on that day. I always draw from my top goals for the week first, once those are accomplished on I move onto the area of next importance.

Taking time to plan my day the night ahead has been key for me staying organized as a busy mom of three.

When I do this, I wake up and feel ready for what is ahead. Yes, there are days when nothing goes as planned. When that happens, I roll with it, or am learning to roll with it.

When I do not take the time to plan ahead, I waste part of my morning trying to get organized, only to end up stressed out.

How I use my Simplified Planner to organize my day as a busy mom.

That is how I use my Simplified Planner. Pretty simple right?

Do you know what the biggest planner secret is?

You have to actually look at your planner. Buying a planner and filling it out is great. However, if you never look at it there will be no change.

What about you? Do you have any planning tips to share?

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17 comments on “How I Use My Simplified Planner”

  1. I am a planner addict so I love this post. I usually write things down in the morning but after reading your tips I think I could be more organized if I jotted some items down the evening before. I may edit as I go the next day but planning the bulk of the items ahead would be helpful. I checked out the planners too and fell in love with a pretty one that I might have to order!

    • I am the same way with planners love them! It has been really helpful for me to have my list ready. There are definitely days that things change but overall it helps a lot!

  2. I love seeing other people’s planners! I am still searching for my perfect planner. This year I’ve used an Erin Condren but I bought a new planner for next year from Plum Paper. I added some extra pages in it so I can have note pages and a place to do a brain dump. It even has to-do list pages!

  3. Love planners so much! I was inspired by your talking about brain dumps on Sundays. I’ve heard of that before, obviously, but I’ve never done it. Lately I’ve been finding myself sitting in front off my blank planner on Sundays (my plan-the-whole-week day) and just staring for a long time, not able to start. I think a brain dump in a notebook might be just what I need! Thanks!

  4. YES!!!! Love the SP! And totally agree with needing to get messy and make mistakes. It’s so tempting when you’re buying a more expensive planner to make sure everything you write down is perfect and pristine. BUT it can’t be a helpful tool unless you experiment with it. LOVE your tips!

    • Thank you Katie! I know, otherwise it’s a big waste of time! Have you read Emily Ley’s book? It really connected well with her planners and the message. So good!

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