At the beginning of last year, a little idea started to grow in my mind.  As much as I wanted to push it away, I knew that I was called to create and move forward with this. I had to push past all the fears, and step out knowing that God has called me to share and connect with other moms.

Throughout last year, I knew I wanted to dive deeper into my writing and blogging. It seemed almost crazy how a hobby blog turned into a passion and ministry. There were many times when doubt would creep in and I would wonder why I was even writing.  But then I was always reminded of the truth.

I am called to create.

Friends, we are all called to create. Each of us have been uniquely and carefully created by God and He instilled in us all different creative passions. Being creative looks different to everyone.

 The point is not to compare or contrast our creative outlets but to dive deep into what we are called to do. 

Whether you are a mom at the office surrounded with papers to manage or a mom at home surrounded by laundry- each and everyone of us are called to create. What we create will tell a story. It will weave into the lives of those around us and sometimes even beyond that.  It may take stepping out in faith, it may take being bold, or taking a risk, but we all need to step out and get creative. 

Perhaps you have been feeling the tug to start blogging. Maybe you always loved to write but tucked away the journals in exchange for “real life.” Or maybe you love decorating, cooking, or homeschooling and desire a space to share your ideas with others. If this is you, I encourage you to jump in and start! The first step is the hardest, and then you slowly learn and realize how much you missed being creative.

Over the past year, I have been more intentional with my writing and blogging. I have read and studied and focused in on how I want to grow. The tools I have used so far are: 

So, what will you create? 

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