Is anyone else beyond excited that it is Friday?! I am excited to share with you all some weekly favorites. It is so good to hit pause and look back on the week to reflect on the good that has happened. Whether it is a favorite product or a favorite moment, I love to share the joy with you!

(1) Earrings- I LOVE a cute pair of earrings. Currently, I am obsessed with my leather earrings from Shelly Dolen. They truly are light and add the perfect touch to my outfits. Lately, I have been thinking more about how as a mom who is home the majority of the time, I can easily slide into yoga pants/tee shirt wearing all the time. While there is not anything wrong with it, I do see a difference in myself when I take the little extra effort to put on some shorts or earrings. It is the little touches that can make you feel more like a person in the tough years of motherhood.

Cute earrings for every day- Weekly Favorites

(2) District Teacher of the Year- A couple months ago, we found out my husband was teacher of the year at the school he teaches at. Then he was in the top 8 and then the top 3. Yesterday, it was announced that he is District Teacher of the Year. It is such an honor for him and I could not be prouder! To hear him speak boldly of his faith and struggles he has had in front of fellow teachers and district officials was definitely a favorite moment from the week.

(3) Fresh Flowers- My sister surprised me with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers for Easter. They have brought me so much joy this past week. I am thinking I may need to keep up the consistency of having fresh flowers in the home.

Sharing weekly favorites from the week

(4) Knitting Kits- When I was in high school, I learned to knit but have not continued the hobby as much as I wish. I recently connected with We are Knitters as they are providing items for Bloom and it has rekindled my love for all things knitting. The kits are perfect for knitters and the perfect gift for a friend.

(5) Easter- We went into Easter Sunday ending spring break and it was a beautiful day to end the week on. I loved our new traditions that we filled our home with this Easter and look forward to this time again next year.

What about you? What are your weekly favorites? I would love to hear what you are loving or a favorite moment from your week. Share below in the comments or chat over on Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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